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A.M Full Form / Abbreviation Category A.M Terms
Asset Management Military A.M
American Greetings Corporation NYSE Symbol A.M
Amber Colors A.M
Adult male Physiology A.M
Arnoldo Mondadori Popular A.M
All Music Media A.M
Arithmetic Mean Mathematics A.M
Alternative Medicine Hospital A.M
Award of Merit Award or Medal A.M
ampicillin British Medicine A.M
Armenia Countries A.M
Account Management Business A.M
acid maltase British Medicine A.M
adolescent medicine British Medicine A.M
Automated Mathematician Computer Software A.M
Antagonistic Message Internet Slang A.M
apomorphine British Medicine A.M
amoxicillin British Medicine A.M
Ante Meridiem Latin A.M
Anno Mundi Latin A.M
Amharic Regional 2 Letter LanguageCode A.M
alveolar macrophage British Medicine A.M
Annie's Man Funny A.M
apparent movement British Medicine A.M
Assembly Minister Other A.M
Anytime Maybe Internet Slang A.M
adhesion molecule British Medicine A.M
amikacin British Medicine A.M
Atletico Madrid Sports A.M
aseptic meningitis British Medicine A.M
acral melanoma British Medicine A.M
Agile Modeling Computer Software A.M
antimalarial British Medicine A.M
Amplitude Modulation Electronics A.M
Ave Maria Music A.M
amlodipine British Medicine A.M
Americium Electronics A.M
Alpha Male Veterinary A.M

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