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AAV Full Form / Abbreviation Category AAV Terms
Authentication Algorithm Version Computer and Networking AAV
Alternate Access Vendor Information Technology AAV
Authentication Algorithm Version Information Technology AAV
Aqis Accredited Vet Educational Degree AAV
Airborne Assault Vehicle Military & Government AAV
Autonomous Air Vehicle Military & Government AAV
Alternate Access Vendor Telecommunication AAV
Advanced Aerospace Vehicle Military & Government AAV
AMBAV Indian Railway Station AAV
Auxiliary Air Valve Science & Medicine AAV
Association of Avian Veterinarians Science & Medicine AAV
Assault Amphibious Vehicle Military and Defence AAV
Advanced Acoustics and Vibration Military and Defence AAV
Armored Amphibious Vehicle Military and Defence AAV
Adopt A Village Organizations AAV
Asian-American Village Organizations AAV
Air Admittance Valve Chemistry AAV
Australian Alpaca Veterinarians Organizations AAV
Alah Airport Code AAV
Advanced Audio Visual Organizations AAV
Assessed Annual Value Real Estate AAV
Average Annual Value Business & Finance AAV
Amphibious Assault Vehicle Military and Defence AAV
Air Admittance Valve Business & Finance AAV
Autoduellist Association of Vermont Game - Other AAV
Aerospace Audio- Visual Space Science AAV
Anti-air Vehicle Military and Defence AAV

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