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ABM Full Form / Abbreviation Category ABM Terms
Asynchronous Balanced Mode Information Technology ABM
Agaricus Blazei Murill Science & Medicine ABM
Apogee Boost Motor Science & Medicine ABM
A Big Mistake Messaging ABM
Aggressive Behavior Management Organizations ABM
Aggregate Bearer Measurement Computer and Networking ABM
Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Science & Medicine ABM
Answer Back Message Networking ABM
Photoplus Album File File Type ABM
American Beer Month Organizations ABM
Advanced Bomb Machine Military and Defence ABM
Anything but Microsoft Organizations ABM
Agent-Based Modeling Business ABM
AMBAPURAM Indian Railway Station ABM
Activity Based Management Electronics ABM
Acid-Base Metabolism Science & Medicine ABM
Assistant Branch Manager Banking ABM
Air Battle Manager Military and Defence ABM
Acute Bacterial Meningitis Science & Medicine ABM
Automated Banking Machine Banking ABM
Antique Boat Museum Organizations ABM
Accountancy Board of Malta Accounts and Finance ABM
Advertising Brand Management Business Management ABM
Auto Banishment Match Sports ABM
Bamaga Airport Code ABM
Acquisition and Business Management Military and Defence ABM
Anti-ballistic Missile Military and Defence ABM
Area Business Manager Business ABM
Air Burst Munition Military and Defence ABM
Antiballistic Missile Military and Defence ABM

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