ACB Full Form Acronyms Abbreviation

ACB Full Form is Association for Clinical Biochemistry

ACB Full Form / Abbreviation Category ACB Terms
Association for Clinical Biochemistry Acedemic & Science ACB
Alternate Control B Computing ACB
Compressed file archive (ACB) File Extension ACB
Australian Cricket Board Sports ACB
Automated Clearing Bureau Accounting ACB
Army Classification Battery Military ACB
Academic Challenge Bowl Education ACB
Graphics (ACMB) File Extension ACB
Athletic Club Of Bend Sports ACB
Air Combat Brigade Military ACB
Alt Ctrl B Computing ACB
allocated configuration baseline Government ACB
AsociaciĆ³n Cristiana de Beneficencia Guatemalan ACB
Auto Crew Builder Hobby ACB
amphibious construction battalion Government ACB
A Choose B Human Genome ACB
Australian Classification Board
Age Concern Berkshire Organization ACB
Application Control Block Computer Database ACB
Air Circuit Breaker Electronics ACB
Access method Control Block Computing ACB
Alberta Cancer Board Oncology ACB
Age Concern Bristol Organization ACB
Angel City Brigade
Association of Certified Book-keepers Accounts and Finance ACB
Association of Concert Bands
Advertising Checking Bureau
Bellaire Airport Code ACB
Age Concern Bromley Organization ACB
Anti Corruption Bureau
Association for Community Broadcasting
African Centre for Biosafety
advanced concepts base Government ACB
Asia Commercial Bank Banking ACB
Aryan Coal Benefications Messaging ACB
Acb Compressed File Archive File Type ACB
Annular Confinement Beam Physics Related ACB

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