ACD Full Form Acronyms Abbreviation

ACD Full Form is Australian Cattle Dog

ACD Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryACD Terms
Australian Cattle Dog VeterinaryACD
Automatic Call Delivery TelecomACD
Auto-regressive Conditional Duration PhysicsACD
AAMVET Code Dictionary US GovernmentACD
Automatic Call Distribution TelecomACD
Apple Cinema Display HardwareACD
Available Chemicals Directory ChemistryACD
Active Center Differential UniversityACD
Air Constrained Dampening PhysicsACD
Anterior Chest Diameter PhysiologyACD
Automated Configuration Documentation Computer SoftwareACD
Automatic Call Distributor TelecomACD
Art Creative Designer Business PositionACD
Advanced Chemistry DevelopmentOtherACD
Automatic Call Determination TelecomACD
Average Call DurationOtherACD
apoptotic cell death British MedicineACD
Apex Collaborative DialingTelecommunicationACD
airlift communications division GovernmentACD
alveolar capillary dysplasia British MedicineACD
actinomycin D British MedicineACD
Association for Children with Down syndrome OrganizationACD
administrative control desk GovernmentACD
Authorized Corporate Director Business PositionACD
Asociación Cristiana de Dirigentes SpanishACD
administrative commitment document GovernmentACD
Engineering, Research and Development Service TransportationACD
automated call distribution GovernmentACD
allergic contact dermatitis British MedicineACD
Age Concern Durham OrganizationACD
Atmospheric Chemistry DivisionChemistryACD
Assistance for Community Development OrganizationACD
African Charity Drive OrganizationACD
Action Charité et Développement OrganizationACD
Adjournment in contemplation of dismissalOtherACD
automated call distributionOtherACD
AcandiAirport CodeACD
Agent of Communication and Development OrganizationACD
Automatically Catalogues and Delivers BusinessACD
Acid-citrate-dextrose PhysiologyACD
assistant command director GovernmentACD
Angular Canopy Density MilitaryACD
Australasian College of Dermatologists OrganizationACD
Advanced Chemistry DevelopmentChemistryACD

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