ACF Full Form Acronyms Abbreviation

ACF Full Form is Advanced Communications Function

ACF Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryACF Terms
Advanced Communications Function BusinessACF
Auto- Correlation Function ElectronicsACF
Alt Comp Freeware InternetACF
American Communications Foundation CommunityACF
Administration for Children and Families US GovernmentACF
American Culinary Federation FoodACF
AmeriCredit Corporation NYSE SymbolACF
Access Control Facility MilitaryACF
Area Control Facility TransportationACF
Advanced Communications Facility TelecomACF
AIDS Care Fund Non-Profit OrganizationACF
Airlift Clearance File MilitaryACF
Acorn Christian Foundation OrganizationACF
The Association Of Consulting Foresters EnvironmentalACF
Arlington Community Foundation OrganizationACF
American Car Foundry Business FirmACF
A Community of Friends OrganizationACF
air combat fighter GovernmentACF
Advanced Communication Facility ComputingACF
American Chestnut FoundationOtherACF
area confinement facility, 12 GovernmentACF
Al-Rahman Cares Foundation OrganizationACF
Access Coordination Function TelecomACF
Academic Competition Federation UniversityACF
Alaska Conservation Foundation Non-Profit OrganizationACF
Acorn Community Farm OrganizationACF
Arizona Community Foundation OrganizationACF
Austrian Cultural Forum CommunityACF
Active Change Foundation OrganizationACF
America's Challenge Foundation OrganizationACF
Alliance for Children and Families EducationACF
acceptance check flight GovernmentACF
Academic Competition Foundation UniversityACF
alternate communications facility GovernmentACF
Anisotropic Conductive FilmElectronicsACF
Asynchronous Communications Facility GovernmentACF
area computing facilities GovernmentACF
Advanced Computer FeasabilityDatabase ManagementACF
Australian Conservation Foundation OrganizationACF
Africa's Children's Fund OrganizationACF
Arkansas Community Foundation Non-Profit OrganizationACF
access control field GovernmentACF
African Clawed Frog VeterinaryACF
AsociaciĆ³n Cristiana Femenina GuatemalanACF
Actual Cubic FeetMeasurement UnitACF
Appalachian Community Fund OrganizationACF
Adobe Photoshop Custom FilterFile TypeACF
Appalachian Caverns Foundation OrganizationACF
acquisition career field GovernmentACF
Auto-correlation FunctionElectronicsACF
Aged Concern Foundation OrganizationACF
alternate command facility GovernmentACF
Authentication Control FunctionComputer and NetworkingACF
air contingency force GovernmentACF
Arab Cooperative Federation OrganizationACF

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