ACM Full Form Name

ACM Full Form is Advanced Computer Modeling

ACM Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryACM Terms
Advanced Computer ModelingComputingACM
Alaska Coalition of MinnesotaOrganizationACM
Aerial Combat ManeuversMilitary and DefenceACM
Age Concern MaidstoneOrganizationACM
Air Combat ManeuverMilitaryACM
Graphics file (ACMB format)File ExtensionACM
Asbestos Containing MaterialsMilitaryACM
All China MadeBusiness ProductACM
Audio Compression ManagerElectronicsACM
Airspace Coordinating MeasureMilitary and DefenceACM
The Alliance for Community MediaNon-Profit OrganizationACM
Audio Codec (coder-decoder) ModuleComputer HardwareACM
Asynchronous Communication MethodNetworkingACM
air combat maneuveringGovernmentACM
Associated Colleges of the MidwestOrganizationACM
Advanced Conventional MunitionsMilitary and DefenceACM
American Computing MachineryBusiness FirmACM
Advanced Cruise Missile,AGM-129GovernmentACM
Autonomous Crack MonitoringEarth ScienceACM
automated contract managerGovernmentACM
Accumulated Call MeterBusiness ProductACM
Airimba Connection ManagerSoftwaresACM
Adelaide Central MissionOrganizationACM
Address Complete MessageTelecomACM
Active Component MilitaryMilitary and DefenceACM
Anti Cult MovementReligiousACM
advanced concept managerGovernmentACM
area club managementGovernmentACM
AricaAirport CodeACM
Aluminum Conductor MaterialElectronicsACM
automated communications monitorGovernmentACM
Alternative Calculation MethodMathematicsACM
Audio Compression Module Add-on (windows)File TypeACM
Archonfraternity of Christian MothersOrganizationACM
Airspace Control MeasuresMilitaryACM
Alternate Control ModuleSoftwaresACM
Astrocyte-Conditioned MediumChemistryACM
Aluminium Composite MaterialChemistryACM
Americal Campaign MedalGovernmentACM
Austin Children's MuseumOrganizationACM
auxiliary crew memberGovernmentACM
Academy of Country MusicMusicACM
Association for Computing MachineryComputer SecurityACM
American Craft MuseumOrganizationACM
Antonio Carlos MagalhaesPopularACM
Absolute Characteristic MaximaElectronicsACM
Anormal Chemical MaterialChemistryACM
Asociacion Ciudadanos del MundoOrganizationACM
Adams Capital ManagementBusiness ManagementACM
Additional Crew MemberMilitaryACM
authorized controlled materialGovernmentACM
Air Contingency Magtf (marine Air-ground Task Force)Military and DefenceACM
Application Compatibility ModuleSoftwaresACM
Association of Computing MachineryOtherACM
Advanced Cruise MissileMilitary and DefenceACM
Agglomeration Coarse MatrixDatabase ManagementACM
allowable cost modelGovernmentACM
Audio Codec ManagerBusiness PositionACM
Air Combat ManeuversMilitaryACM
Abstract Control ModelComputer NetworkingACM
Adiabatic Connection ModelPhysics RelatedACM

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