ACP Full Form

Assistant Commissioner of Police – ACP

ACP is Top ranks in the Indian Police Services. Assistant commissioner is a rank used in many police forces around the globe. It is also a rank used in revenue administrations (Land,Income Tax Customs, Inland etc.) in many countries. if we can pass UPSC and selected in UPSC then we can directly join ACP

ACP Full Form is

ACP Full Form / MeaningCategoryACP Terms
Assistant Commissioner of PoliceIndian PoliceACP
Airline Control ProgramITACP
Active Citizen ProjectOrganizationsACP
Address confidentiality programOtherACP
Advanced Certified ParalegalOtherACP
Air Cadet PublicationOtherACP
Alliance for Climate ProtectionOtherACP
Airport Core ProgrammeOtherACP
Associated Construction PublicationsOtherACP
Associated Construction PublicationsOtherACP
Automatic Colt PistolOtherACP
Acyl carrier proteinScience & technologyACP
ANSI code pageScience & technologyACP
Average CPU powerScience & technologyACP
Atmospheric Chemistry and PhysicsScience & technologyACP
A Connecticut PartyOrganizationsACP
Australian College of PharmacyOrganizationsACP
Atari Coldfire ProjectOrganizationsACP
Association of Chess ProfessionalsOrganizationsACP
Association of Chinese ProfessionalsOrganizationsACP
Association of Cancer PhysiciansOrganizationsACP
American Corporate PartnersOrganizationsACP
American College of PhysiciansOrganizationsACP
American Communist PartyOrganizationsACP

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