ADD Full Form Name

ADD Full Form is Attention Deficit Disorder

ADD Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryADD Terms
Attention Deficit DisorderEducationADD
Agency For Defense DevelopmentGovernmentADD
Administration on Developmental DisabilitiesUS GovernmentADD
Audit and Due DiligenceAccounts and FinanceADD
Accumulated Degree DaysElectronicsADD
Authorized Diamond DealerCertificationsADD
Advanced Dumbass DisorderInternet SlangADD
Alcohol And Drug DependencyPhysiologyADD
Another Darn DemocratFunnyADD
Architectural Design DocumentElectronicsADD
Arithmetic Developed DailyEducationADD
A Dumb DogFunnyADD
ADAS ROADIndian Railway StationADD
Arithmetic Done DailyEducationADD
Astral Destruction DragonScience FictionADD
Ain't Denyin DysfunctionFunnyADD
Advanced Dungeons And DragonsCommunityADD
AdditionComputer AssemblyADD
Agp (accelerated Graphics Port) Digital DisplayComputer HardwareADD
American Dream DisorderFunnyADD
Advanced Dietary DeliveryPhysiologyADD
Attribute Driven Design methodComputingADD
Addis AbabaAirport CodeADD
Anti-drone DefenseMilitary and DefenceADD
Anatomically Directed DesignPhysiologyADD
Adult Discipline DisorderLawADD
Adapter Device Driver (OS)File ExtensionADD
Armor Defeating DeviceMilitary and DefenceADD
Action on Disability and DevelopmentOrganizationADD
Association pour le Developpement DurableOrganizationADD
Adapter Device DriverFile ExtensionADD
Approximate Delivery DateBusiness ProductADD
airstream direction detector , 4GovernmentADD
Americans for Donald DuckFunnyADD
Apple Data DetectorsComputingADD
Automatic Document DetectionGovernmentADD
Addis Ababa, EthiopiaRegional Airport CodeADD
Android Developer DayElectronicsADD
Anti- Dumping DutyInternational BusinessADD
Bole International airportRegional Airport CodeADD
Action on Disability and Development, CambodiaOrganizationADD
Anti Drone DefenseMilitaryADD
automatic document distributionGovernmentADD

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