ADS Full Form

ADS full form

The full form Of Ads Is Advanced Design System

ADS Full Form is

ADS Full Form / MeaningCategoryADS Terms
Advanced Design SystemcomputerADS
Advantage Database Serverscience and technologyADS
Alternate data streamcomputerADS
Automated decision supportcomputerADS
ADS amphibious riflemilitaryADS
Active Denial SystemmilitaryADS
Air Defence ShipmilitaryADS
Aeronautical Design StandardsmilitaryADS
Accelerator-driven systemscience and technologyADS
Adaptive Damping Systemscience and technologyADS
Aitken Double Star Cataloguescience and technologyADS
Anti-de Sitter spacescience and technologyADS
Archaeology Data Servicescience and technologyADS
Astrophysics Data Systemscience and technologyADS
Atmospheric diving suitscience and technologyADS
Automatic dependent surveillancescience and technologyADS
Autonomous Detection Systemscience and technologyADS
Adamorobe Sign LanguageOtherADS
Adamorobe Sign LanguageOtherADS
Addison AirportOtherADS
Alliance Data SystemsOtherADS
American depositary shareOtherADS
American Dialect SocietyOtherADS
Ardrossan Harbour railway stationOtherADS

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