AFS Full Form Acronyms Abbreviation

AFS Full Form is American Fisheries Society

AFS Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryAFS Terms
American Fisheries Society VeterinaryAFS
Available For Sale BusinessAFS
Asian Fisheries Society Ocean ScienceAFS
Air Force Station MilitaryAFS
American Foundry Society Non-Profit OrganizationAFS
Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry ChemistryAFS
Ars Flying Squad FunnyAFS
Alt Fan Starwars Internet SlangAFS
automatic flight system GovernmentAFS
Adaptive Frontlighting System ElectronicsAFS
Archive File System Computer SoftwareAFS
Association of Football Statisticians SportsAFS
Aerodrome Fire Service Aircraft and AviationAFS
Africana Studies Academic DegreeAFS
Awesome File System FunnyAFS
Andrew File System Computer SoftwareAFS
April Fools Syndrome FunnyAFS
Art From Scrap OrganizationAFS
Alaska Fire Service CommunityAFS
Asian Financial Society OrganizationAFS
active federal service, 9 GovernmentAFS
American Field Service US GovernmentAFS
Arab Federation of Shipping OrganizationAFS
Apparel Footwear Solution Business FirmAFS
Auburn Film Society OrganizationAFS
audio frequency shift GovernmentAFS
Air Force StandardSpace ScienceAFS
Acer File SystemSoftwaresAFS
Air Force specialty GovernmentAFS
Air Fire SupportMilitary and DefenceAFS
Active Federal Service MilitaryAFS
Atari File SystemSoftwaresAFS
combat store ship GovernmentAFS
Associates First Capital Corporation NYSE SymbolAFS
Auto Find Sources Business FirmAFS
Advanced Farming SystemAccounts and FinanceAFS
Atmospheric Flight SupportSpace ScienceAFS
Abstract Force SimulatorPhysics RelatedAFS
American Farm School OrganizationAFS
fleet stores ship GovernmentAFS
Armored Fighting SuitMilitary and DefenceAFS

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