AIMS Full Form Acronyms Abbreviation

AIMS Full Form is Aspirations In Medical Services

AIMS Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryAIMS Terms
Aspirations In Medical Services MedicalAIMS
Australian International Moving Services BusinessAIMS
Activities Integrating Math And Science EducationAIMS
Australian Institute of Marine Science Ocean ScienceAIMS
Auto Indexing Mass Storage ComputingAIMS
Academic Information Management System UniversityAIMS
American Institute of Merchant Shipping TransportationAIMS
Automated International Market System BusinessAIMS
Automated Instructional Management System MilitaryAIMS
Association of International Marathons and Road Races OrganizationAIMS
Automotive Invoicing Management Software Computer SoftwareAIMS
Activities Integrating Math Science EducationAIMS
Association For Improvement Of Maternity Services MedicalAIMS
Alternative Instructional Management System EducationAIMS
Australian International Mortgage Securities Stock ExchangeAIMS
Assimilation, Integration, Marginalization, Segregation BusinessAIMS
Alternate Instruction Management System UniversityAIMS
Army Information for Movement System MilitaryAIMS
American Institute for Maghreb Studies OrganizationAIMS
Accelerating International Mission Strategies OrganizationAIMS
Arizona Instrument To Measure Standards AccountingAIMS
Account Information Management System AccountingAIMS
aircraft identification monitoring system GovernmentAIMS
The Advanced Inventory Management SystemBusiness ManagementAIMS
Avera Internal Medicine Specialists MedicalAIMS
Advanced Invoice Management SystemAccounts and FinanceAIMS
Assessment Information Management SystemBusiness ManagementAIMS
Airlift Implementation and Monitoring System , GovernmentAIMS
Automated Informed Maintenance SystemSpace ScienceAIMS
Anaesthesia Information Management SystemBusiness ManagementAIMS
Air-Launched Intercept Missile Record System GovernmentAIMS
Activities for Integrating Mathematics and ScienceMathsAIMS
automated information and management system GovernmentAIMS
Army Integrated Meteorological System GovernmentAIMS
Assets and Infrastructure Management SystemBusiness ManagementAIMS
Adaptable Intelligent Modeling & SimulationMilitary and DefenceAIMS
Advanced Integrated Man Portable System MilitaryAIMS
Apparel Industry Management ServicesBusiness ManagementAIMS
automated inventory management system GovernmentAIMS
Assyrian Information Management SystemsBusiness ManagementAIMS
Arizonas Instrument To Measure StandardsMeasurement UnitAIMS
African Institute for Mathematical SciencesMathsAIMS

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