AIT Full Form Acronyms Abbreviation

AIT Full Form is Alliance Internationale De Tourisme

AIT Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryAIT Terms
Alliance Internationale De Tourisme International BusinessAIT
Auditory Integration Training Computer SoftwareAIT
Astronauts In Trouble NASAAIT
Agency for Instructional Technology EducationAIT
Aichi Institute Of Technology UniversityAIT
Applied Information Technology Academic DegreeAIT
Algorithmic Information Theory MathematicsAIT
Aryan Invasion Theory MilitaryAIT
AsociaciĆ³n Internacional de Trabajadores SpanishAIT
Auditory Integration Therapy PhysiologyAIT
Advanced Intelligent Tape ComputingAIT
Automatic Identification Technology MilitaryAIT
autoimmune thyroiditis British MedicineAIT
Aitutaki airport Regional Airport CodeAIT
Applied Industrial Technologies, Inc. NASDAQ SymbolAIT
Apathetic Incompetent Troglodytes FunnyAIT
advanced identification techniques GovernmentAIT
Advanced Infantry Training MilitaryAIT
African Independent Television MediaAIT
Advanced Information Technology GovernmentAIT
AITIndian Railway StationAIT
assembly integration test GovernmentAIT
analysis and integration team GovernmentAIT
Atmospheric Interceptor Technology MilitaryAIT
application/infrastructure tool GovernmentAIT
automated identification technology, 12 GovernmentAIT
Alliance International de Tourism OrganizationAIT
Ants In Training FunnyAIT
Action Item Tracking US GovernmentAIT
Alkharia Islamic Trust OrganizationAIT
Atomic International TimeSpace ScienceAIT
Administrative Information TechnologistJob TitleAIT
Arts Initiative Tokyo Performing ArtAIT
Advanced Individual Training MilitaryAIT
Asian Institute of Technology OrganizationAIT
Assembly, Integration and TestSpace ScienceAIT
Administrative Information TechnicianJob TitleAIT
AitutakiAirport CodeAIT
American Institute In Taiwan GovernmentAIT
All Included TaxesIncome TaxAIT
Aid In TrainingJob TitleAIT
AeritaliaSpace ScienceAIT
Azzurra Italian TourneySportsAIT
Asian Institute of Tourism OrganizationAIT
Army intelligence translator GovernmentAIT
Aeromedical Isolation TeamMilitary and DefenceAIT

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