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AMM Full Form / Abbreviation Category AMM Terms
Acoustic Mismatch Model Electronics AMM
Anti- Mine Munition Military AMM
Ancelle Mater Misericordiae Organization AMM
Ancillae Mariae Mediatricis Latin AMM
Association of Metropolitan Municipalities Local State AMM
Amman, Jordan Regional Airport Code AMM
Army Modernization Memorandum Military AMM
Arizona Memorial Museum Non-Profit Organization AMM
ATIRAMPATTINAM Indian Railway Station AMM
Ammonium Physiology AMM
Anti- Missile Missile Military AMM
American Mathematical Monthly Media AMM
Amman Airport Code AMM
Anti-mine Munition Military and Defence AMM
American Metal Market Other AMM
Academy of Medicine of Malaysia Medical AMM
Aloha Medical Mission Organization AMM
Army Modernization Program Government AMM
Queen Alia International airport Regional Airport Code AMM
Automatic Meter Management Business Management AMM
AIDS, Medicine, and Miracles Non-Profit Organization AMM
Airmen Memorial Museum Museum AMM
Ammeter Electronics AMM
Advanced Manufacturing Management Business Management AMM
All Mighty Me Funny AMM
anti-missile missile Government AMM
Aircraft Maintenance Manual Military AMM
Add Mayo and Mustard Computer Assembly AMM
Advantage Marketing Systems, Inc. AMEX Symbol AMM

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