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AN Full Form / Abbreviation Category AN Terms
Applications Note Computer Software AN
Ancona (Provence) Italian AN
Access Network Computer and Networking AN
Analog Nonsecure Military and Defence AN
Any Number Other AN
Africa Now - enterprising solutions Organization AN
Alianza Nacional Guatemalan AN
Access Nashville Organization AN
Automation, Inc. of Delaware NYSE Symbol AN
Account Number Accounting AN
Army-Navy Government AN
Army Nurse Military AN
Amerasian Network Organization AN
air navigation Government AN Organization AN
Army And Navy Military AN
Air Force/Navy Government AN
airman Government AN
Accion por los NiƱos Organization AN
Advisory Note Computer and Networking AN
Africa 2000 Network Organization AN
Access Node Telecom AN
Acrylonitrile Plasctic AN
Anorexia Nervosa Disease AN
Anime North Other AN
Ashoka, Nepal Organization AN
Ammonium Nitrate Chemistry AN
Army Nurse Corps, 6 Government AN
Adfam National Organization AN
Aberdeen Nephrology Medical AN
AMALNER Indian Railway Station AN
Adult Nationals US Government AN
Army Navy Military AN
Alphanumeric Military AN
Africa Now Organization AN
Architecture Neutral Computing AN
Auxiliary, Netlayer Military AN
Aberdeen Neurology Medical AN
Netherlands Antilles Countries AN
Avera Neonatology Medical AN
Accessory Number Telecommunication AN
Anchorage Field Office FBI File AN
Alonso ,Narciso Medical AN
Apalachicola Northern Railroad Regional Railroad AN
AutoNation, Inc. NASDAQ Symbol AN
Analog NASA AN
Andaman and Nicobar Islands Indian Union Territory AN

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