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ARF Full Form / Abbreviation Category ARF Terms
Air Reserve Forces Government ARF
Airborne Relay Facility Government ARF
Artists Rights Foundation Organization ARF
Affordable Rental Fleet Transportation ARF
Amateur Radio Forum Radio Science ARF
Acute Renal Failure Physiology ARF
Animal Research Foundation Veterinary ARF
Animal Rescue Fund Non-Profit Organization ARF
All Ready To Fly Military ARF
Asian Resource Foundation Organization ARF
Acute respiratory failure Physiology ARF
Audio Receiver File Electronics ARF
Addiction Research Foundation University ARF
AIDS Research Foundation Non-Profit Organization ARF
Adult Residential Facility Community ARF
Alternative Reading Frame Education ARF
Association Of Rapid Fangirls Funny ARF
Asean Regional Forum United Nations ARF
Animal Rescue Foundation Non-Profit Organization ARF
Almost Ready To Fly Military ARF
Acute Rheumatic Fever Physiology ARF
Air Reserve facility Government ARF
Application Roaming Framework Networking ARF
American Research Foundation Non-Profit Organization ARF
Airport Reservation Function Transportation ARF
ADP-ribosylation factor British Medicine ARF
Audio Resource Function Computer and Networking ARF
Arab Rowing Federation Organization ARF
Advertising Research Foundation Media ARF
Almost Ready To Finish University ARF
Abort Retry Fail Computing ARF
Arch Regional Furs Business Firm ARF
Association Of Rabid Fangirls Funny ARF
Asia Rice Foundation Organization ARF
Acaricuara Airport Code ARF
African Refugees Foundation Organization ARF
Advanced Recovery Fee Law ARF
A Ravishing Female Internet Slang ARF
Armenian Revolutionary Federation Political ARF
Automatic Response File File Extension ARF
Alzheimer's Research Foundation Non-Profit Organization ARF
Army Reserve Force Military ARF
Amazing Race Fan Sports ARF
Air Reserve Force Military ARF

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