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What does ARIA stand for

ARIA Full Form / Abbreviation Category ARIA Terms
Advanced Research In Audio Electronics ARIA
Activmedia Robotics Interface for Applications Softwares ARIA
Advanced Ranging And Instrumentation Aircraft NASA ARIA
Annotation And Retrieval Integration Agent Computer Database ARIA
Apollo Range Instrumented Aircraft NASA ARIA
Australian Record Industry Awards Music ARIA
Accessibility Remoteness Index Of Australia Music ARIA
A Really Important Award Business Position ARIA
Activmedia Robotics Interface For Application Computer Software ARIA
Advanced Range Instrumentation Aircraft Military ARIA
Accessible Rich Internet Applications Other ARIA
Automated Response Interactive Audio Media ARIA
Antagonism Resonance Invention And Action Law ARIA
Apollo Range instrumentation aircraft Government ARIA
Anime Resource and Information Archive Internet ARIA
A Road To Iranians Ability United Nations ARIA
ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, Inc. NASDAQ Symbol ARIA
Acceptable Risk, Incorrect Acceptance Computer Security ARIA
Accounting Researchers International Association Accounting ARIA
Australia Recording Industry Association Business Firm ARIA

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