ASF Full Form Acronyms Abbreviation

ASF Full Form is Alert Standard Format

ASF Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryASF Terms
Alert Standard Format BotanyASF
Advanced Systems FormatOtherASF
Africa School Foundation OrganizationASF
Audi Space Frame TransportationASF
Administaff, Inc. NYSE SymbolASF
Alabama Shakespeare Festival Performing ArtASF
Airborne Special Forces MilitaryASF
American-Scandinavian Foundation OrganizationASF
Acorn San Francisco OrganizationASF
Apostolic Statement of Faith ReligiousASF
American Spray Fibers Business FirmASF
Advanced Streaming FormatOtherASF
Apache Software Foundation Non-Profit OrganizationASF
African Swine Fever VeterinaryASF
Alerting Standard Forum Internet SlangASF
Albert Schweitzer Fellowship OrganizationASF
Aspect Source Flag Computer AssemblyASF
American Special Forces MilitaryASF
Alliance for a Sustainable Future OrganizationASF
Agronomic Science Foundation Non-Profit OrganizationASF
Advanced Streaming Format MediaASF
American Sephardi Federation OrganizationASF
Austin Shakespeare Festival OrganizationASF
Angelman Syndrome Foundation OrganizationASF
Amethyst Scholarship Foundation OrganizationASF
auxiliary supporting feature GovernmentASF
Advanced Streaming Format Video File ExtensionASF
Art SF OrganizationASF
Alt Seduction Fast Internet SlangASF
A Step Foundation OrganizationASF
Avalanche and Shine Family OrganizationASF
Army Stock Fund GovernmentASF
Arab Squash Federation OrganizationASF
ActiveMovie streaming format GovernmentASF
aeromedical staging facility GovernmentASF
Astrakhan airport Regional Airport CodeASF
authorized strength file GovernmentASF
Amader Swapna Foundation OrganizationASF
Associacao Saude da Familia OrganizationASF
additional selection factor GovernmentASF
Active Server FileNetworkingASF
Statgraphics DatafileFile TypeASF
Atlantic Salmon Federation OrganizationASF
Lotus 1-2-3 Screen FontFile TypeASF
Alternating Sequential FilterSoftwaresASF
Allied Snipers ForumMilitary and DefenceASF
Alaska Satellite FacilityEarth ScienceASF
Asian Sumo Federation OrganizationASF
Adams SecuforceMessagingASF
AstrakhanAirport CodeASF
Acclaim Skeletal FileDatabase ManagementASF
Army Support FacilityMilitary and DefenceASF
Architecture Simulation FrameworkComputer HardwareASF
Algebraic Specification FormalismMathsASF
Auxiliary Security ForceMilitary and DefenceASF
Automatic Sheet FeederComputer HardwareASF
Arctan Script FileSoftwaresASF
Air Superiority FighterMilitary and DefenceASF

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