ATB Full Form and meaning

ATB Full Form is All Terrain Boarding

ATB Full Form / Abbreviation Category ATB Terms
All Terrain Boarding Hobby ATB
Association Tripartite Bourses Business ATB
Above-ground Telecommunications Backbone Telecommunication ATB
Articulated Tug and Barge Transportation ATB
Aviation Test Board Military ATB
Aboveground Telecommunications Backbone Computer Networking ATB
Around the Bay Road Race Canadian ATB
Atbara airport Regional Airport Code ATB
Across The Board US Government ATB
Advanced Training Base Military ATB
Accounting Terminology Bulletins Accounting ATB
All Terrain Bicycle Sports ATB
Automated Torpedo Boat Military ATB
Alberta Treasury Branches Other ATB
Asphalt Treated Base Transportation ATB
All-terrain Bike Sports ATB
All Terrain Boarding Aka Mountain Boarding Sports ATB
Ability Tone Black Community ATB
Atbara Airport Code ATB
Active Time Battle Military ATB
All Terrain Bike Transportation ATB
Ability To Benefit Misc ATB
Appellate Tax Board Income Tax ATB
All The Best Internet Slang ATB
Andy Timmons Band Music ATB
Associative Topology Bus Networking ATB
Aged Trial Balance Accounts and Finance ATB
Automated Ticket And Boarding Transportation ATB
All Things Beautiful Organization ATB
Amsterdam Trade Bank Misc ATB
Anti-tank Battalion Military and Defence ATB
ALATTAMBADI Indian Railway Station ATB
Advanced Technology Bomber Military ATB
All Trunks Busy Telecommunication ATB
Automated Ticketing And Boarding Transportation ATB
America The Beautiful Music ATB

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