Full Forms of ATM

ATM full form

Full Forms Of ATM and Full name Of ATM is Automated Teller Machine. current there are now 3 million cash machines installed in worldwide. using a cash machine customers and user are access their bank account , withdrew and deposit the money through atm. we can easily check our bank balance using ATM.


ATM Full Form is

ATM Full Form / Meaning Category ATM Terms
Automated Teller Machine Banking ATM
Asynchronous Transfer Mode Information Technology ATM
At the moment Internet Slang ATM
Automated Transmissions Machine Telecommunication ATM
Adobe Type Manager Related File File Type ATM
Automated Telephone Manager Softwares ATM
ALTAGRAM Indian Railway Station ATM
Atmosphere Chemistry ATM
Asychronous Transfer Mode Electronics ATM
Advanced Test Module Electronics ATM
Automated Timing Mechanism Electronics ATM
Across The Miles Messaging ATM
Automated Trading Machine Stock Exchange ATM
Amsterdam Treasury Bond Market Stock Exchange ATM
Anti-tactical Missile Military and Defence ATM
Anti-tank Missile Military and Defence ATM
Advanced Trauma Management Military and Defence ATM
Air Target Material Military and Defence ATM
Assign Traffic Metering Military and Defence ATM
Air Traffic Management Military and Defence ATM
Army Ten-miler Military and Defence ATM

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