ATR Full Form Name

ATR Full Form is Anti Tank Rifle

ATR Full Form / Abbreviation Category ATR Terms
Anti Tank Rifle Military ATR
Art Therapist Registered Business Position ATR
Alaska Trauma Registry Medical ATR
Advanced Telecommunications Research Telecom ATR
Attack The Radical Military ATR
air transport racking Government ATR
Achilles tendon reflex Physiology ATR
Army Training Regiment Military ATR
Arithmetical Transfinite Recursion Mathematics ATR
Attenuated Total Reflectance Electronics ATR
Automatic Tampon Removal Physiology ATR
Avions De Transport R Uncategorized ATR
Average True Range Military ATR
air transport regulations Government ATR
Automatic Target Recognition Military ATR
Above The Rest NASA ATR
Attrition Reserve Military and Defence ATR
All Terrain Rifle Military and Defence ATR
achievement of test readiness Government ATR
Automatic Traffic Recorder Transportation ATR
Atrophy Physiology ATR
Avions De Transport Regional Transportation ATR
Annual Training Requirement Military and Defence ATR
Automatic Ticket Resolution Sports ATR
Australian Tournament Rankings Sports ATR
Automatic Tampon Remover Business Position ATR
AptarGroup, Inc. NASDAQ Symbol ATR
Americans for Tax Reform Income Tax ATR
Almost Totally Real Maths ATR
Aptar Group, Inc. NYSE Symbol ATR
Antenna Test Range Electronics ATR
Avion de Transport Regional Business Firm ATR
Atar airport Regional Airport Code ATR
Atar, Mauritania Regional Airport Code ATR
Auxiliary Tug and Rescue Military and Defence ATR
automatic terminal recognition, 11 Government ATR
Advanced Tongue Root Physiology ATR
Acid Test Ratio Banking ATR
Answer To Reset Computer Assembly ATR
African Traditional Religion Religious ATR
ATTAR Indian Railway Station ATR
Albemarles Technology Resource Technology ATR
Attack The Rim Military and Defence ATR
Average Trading Range Stock Exchange ATR
rescue tug Government ATR
airborne transport rack Government ATR
air tasking request Government ATR
Advanced Tactical Radar Military ATR
Air Transport Rack Military ATR
Atar Airport Code ATR
aircrew training system Government ATR
Advanced Technology and Research Technology ATR

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