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AWOL Full Form / Abbreviation Category AWOL Terms
Alcohol With Out Liquid Food AWOL
And With Out Links Internet AWOL
Alternate Way Of Life Community AWOL
Acting Workshop On Line Community AWOL
Absent Without Official Leave US Government AWOL
A Work Of Love Acedemic & Science AWOL
Acting Without Logic Police AWOL
Absent Without Leave Transportation AWOL
Able Women Of Leisure Community AWOL
1) Absent with out Leave, 2) Alcohol With Out Liquid or vaporized liquor or beer for inhaling... 1) He was AWOL from the Army 2) I think I drop by the bar and get me an AWOL. Casual Expression AWOL
Absent With Out Leave Military AWOL
Autonomous Web Of Liberation Funny AWOL
Abscent With Out Leave Military AWOL

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