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BM Full Form / Abbreviation Category BM Terms
Bachelor Of Music Academic Degree BM
The British Museum Museum BM
Board Member International Business BM
Bermuda Countries BM
Body Mass Physiology BM
Boehringer Mannheim Business Firm BM
Birlesmis Milletler Turkish BM
Black Metal Music BM
Both Male Law BM
Bending Magnet Electronics BM
Behavior Modification Law BM
Bone Marrow Oncology BM
British Midland Misc BM
Bahasa Malaysia Regional BM
Bench Mark Computing BM
Base Metal Chemistry BM
Bowel Movement Physiology BM
Behavioral Model Physics BM
Battle Management Military BM
Bad Manners Community BM
Burning Man Police BM
Black Man Community BM
Blue Moon Astronomy BM
Bristol Myers Business Firm BM
Big Music Music BM
Blaster Master Funny BM
Bump Mapping Laboratory BM
Bill Maher Popular BM
Bit Mapped Computing BM
Blue Mountain Local State BM
Beta Male Veterinary BM
Black Male Law BM
Britannia Metal Business Firm BM
British Mail USPS BM
Billy Martin Popular BM
Business Model Business BM
Best Match Mathematics BM
bowel movement  Other BM
Brigade Major Military BM
Black Market Business Product BM
Ballistic Missile Military BM
Booger Man Funny BM
Brigittine Monks Organization BM
Bane Of Mine Funny BM
Before Mandrake Funny BM
Bloody Moron Funny BM
Blood Monitor Funny BM
Beaver Meadows Organization BM
Barkie Markie Funny BM
Blurry Man Funny BM
Brooklyn Museum Organization BM
Bella Musica Organization BM
Bola Moyo Organization BM
Burke Museum Organization BM
binary multiply Government BM
Breakthru Ministries Organization BM
British Museum Other BM
Bonzer! from Melbourne Organization BM
boundary marker Government BM
business manager, 5 Government BM
Bamyan Media Organization BM
Brent Mencap Organization BM
Baptist Manor Medical BM
Boofy Muff Funny BM
X-window Bitmap Bitmap Graphics (1bit Text) File Type BM
BODMA Indian Railway Station BM
Bachelor Medicinae Educational Degree BM
Maximum Burst Size Telecommunication BM
Bromley Mind Organization BM
Bundesamt für Militaerversicherung Medical BM
Body Mounted Space Science BM
Bdale's Mailer Softwares BM
Branch Manager Banking BM
Barra Mansa Medical BM
Business Manager Space Science BM
Boyer-moore Softwares BM
Banco De Madrid Banking BM
Basal Metabolism Space Science BM
Bratang and Menanggal Country Specific BM
Bosch Medicentrum Medical BM
Board Measure Measurement Unit BM
Beast Master Job Title BM
Blog Master Job Title BM
Bank Messenger Job Title BM
Barbarian Mercenary Job Title BM
Bukit Merah Country Specific BM
Battle Mac Computer Hardware BM
Big Mountain Country Specific BM
Bushmaster Military and Defence BM
Button Masher Computer Hardware BM
Boester Maps Maths BM
Boundary Moves Maths BM
Bohr Magnetron Physics Related BM
Baryonic Mat Physics Related BM
Banach-mazur Maths BM
Boatswain Mate Military and Defence BM
Binding Multiple Maths BM
Beachmaster Military and Defence BM

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