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BT Full Form / Abbreviation Category BT Terms
British Territory Regional BT
BitTorrent Computer Networking BT
Bacillus Thuringiensis Computer Security BT
Bergens Tidende Media BT
Blue Tooth Telecom BT
Bhutan Countries BT
BlueTooth Telecom BT
British Telecommunications Business Firm BT
Basic Training Military BT
Booker T Popular BT
Business Transformation Business BT
Broader Term Business BT
Bismaleimide Triazine Electronics BT
Black Tie Clothes BT
Busy Tone Telecom BT
Balance Transfers Business BT
The Beginning Of Time Unit of Measurement BT
Big Ten Other BT
Barbara Tucker Popular BT
Babylonian Talmud Other BT
Bathythermograph Ocean Science BT
Bit Test Computer Assembly BT
British Telecom Police BT
Big Twin Other BT
Begin Text Military BT
Boat Tail Transportation BT
Big Tank Military BT
brachytherapy British Medicine BT
bitemporal British Medicine BT
Bad Talkin Internet Slang BT
Bachelor of Technology Academic Degree BT
Bleeding Time Physiology BT
biotechnology British Medicine BT
bladder tumour British Medicine BT
body temperature British Medicine BT
Blalock-Taussig British Medicine BT
blood type British Medicine BT
benign tumour British Medicine BT
Beit Trust Organization BT
Ballooney Tunes Funny BT
Boston Terrier Pertaining to Dogs BT
Belligerent Taffy Funny BT
Back on Track Organization BT
Baronet Genealogy BT
Bourke Trust Organization BT
Blackthorn Trust Organization BT
BT Group plc NASDAQ Symbol BT
Book Trust Organization BT
Big Thought Organization BT
BTselem Organization BT
Bromley Trust Organization BT
boiler technician Government BT
Back Trace Telecommunication BT
Bukhari Trust Organization BT
Bezirksspital Thierstein Medical BT
British Telecom… Telecommunication BT
British Telecom (United Kingdom PTT) Computer and Networking BT
Best Telecommunications Telecommunication BT
BARASAT Indian Railway Station BT
Build & Transfer Messaging BT
Baghdad Time [utc + 0300] Time BT
Biker's Tech Sports BT
Bering Time [utc - 1100] Time BT
builder's trials Government BT
Battle Target Military and Defence BT
Burn Time Space Science BT
Beginning of Time Physics Related BT
Bats Throws Sports BT
Biotechnician Job Title BT
Bloody Terrible Military and Defence BT
Bill To .... Accounts and Finance BT
Battalion Training (or Terminal) Military and Defence BT
Basic [military] Training Military and Defence BT
Bloody Traitors Military and Defence BT

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