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BUR Full Form / Abbreviation Category BUR Terms
BINDAURA Indian Railway Station BUR
Buried at .... Military BUR
Burbank - Glendale - Pasadena Airport, Burbank, California USA Regional Airport Code BUR
Buried Military BUR
Bottom- Up Reconciliation Military BUR
Burbank - Glendale - Pasadena Airport Transportation BUR
Between Unit Reading Unit of Measurement BUR
Burmese Regional 3 Letter LanguageCode BUR
Built- Up Roofing Business Product BUR
Back-up Rate Space Science BUR
Burcon Nutrascience Corp NASDAQ Symbol BUR
Boston University Radio University BUR
Burundi Countries BUR
Bandwidth Usage Redundancy Telecom BUR
Burlington Industries, Inc. NYSE Symbol BUR
Burbank (ca) Airport Code BUR
bottom-up review Government BUR
Believe Unless Refuted Law BUR
Burbank Glendale Pasadena airport Regional Airport Code BUR

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