CAS Full Form Name

CAS Full Form is Course Applicability System

CAS Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryCAS Terms
Course Applicability SystemUniversityCAS
Control Augmentation SystemSpace ScienceCAS
Computer Aided SellingComputingCAS
Complex Adaptive SystemMathematicsCAS
communications application specificationGovernmentCAS
Close Air SupportMilitaryCAS
Contract Administration ServicesMilitaryCAS
Complete Active SpaceConstructionCAS
combined antenna systemGovernmentCAS
Code Access SecurityComputer SoftwareCAS
CHAS ROADIndian Railway StationCAS
Chief of Air StaffGovernmentCAS
Command Augmentation SystemSpace ScienceCAS
Common Analysis StructurePhysics RelatedCAS
Charged Atom SystemChemistryCAS
Composite Accounting SystemAccounts and FinanceCAS
Certificate Of Advanced StudyUniversityCAS
Cost Accounting StandardsAccountingCAS
Customer Alert SignalComputer and NetworkingCAS
computer aided stylingGovernmentCAS
Chemical Abstract ServiceChemistryCAS
Conference Application ServerNetworkingCAS
Computer Algebra SystemMathematicsCAS
A. M. Castle & CompanyAMEX SymbolCAS
Combined Antennae ServicesTelecommunicationCAS
collision avoidance systemGovernmentCAS
contract administration serviceGovernmentCAS
Clean Air SystemMilitary and DefenceCAS
Controlled Access SignalingNetworkingCAS
Calibrated AirspeedTransportationCAS
Castle (A.M.) & Co.NASDAQ SymbolCAS
calibrated air speedGovernmentCAS
Civil Aviation SecurityMilitary and DefenceCAS
Anfa airportRegional Airport CodeCAS
Conjugate Anti-symmetric SimilarMathsCAS
Clinica Alemana de SantiagoMedicalCAS
central alarm stationGovernmentCAS
cost accounting standardGovernmentCAS
Citizens Advice ScotlandOrganizationCAS
Comprehensive Annual StatementAccounts and FinanceCAS
computer aided searchGovernmentCAS
casualty assessment systemGovernmentCAS
contract administrative services, 29GovernmentCAS
Centre Of African StudiesUniversityCAS
Carrier Activity SensorTelecommunicationCAS
Cadet Accountability SystemMilitary and DefenceCAS
Column Address SelectComputer AssemblyCAS
College of Arts and ScienceSchoolCAS
Conditional Access SystemComputer SecurityCAS
Chemical Abstract ServicesChemistryCAS
Combat Ammunition SystemGovernmentCAS
College of Arts and SciencesEducational InstituteCAS
Claim Administration SystemSoftwaresCAS
calculated air speedGovernmentCAS
coronary artery spasmBritish MedicineCAS
Certificate Of Advanced StudiesEducationCAS
Chemical Abstracts ServiceChemistryCAS
column-address strobeGovernmentCAS
carcinomasBritish MedicineCAS
Certified Advertising SpecialistJob TitleCAS
coronary atherosclerosisBritish MedicineCAS
California Academy of SciencesOtherCAS
Court Of Arbitration For SportLawCAS
cumputer-assisted surveyGovernmentCAS
Conversion Armor SystemMilitary and DefenceCAS
Catholic Archdiocese of SeattleOrganizationCAS
carbonic anhydraseBritish MedicineCAS
computer aided system engineeringGovernmentCAS
Casualty Actuarial SocietyProfessional OrganizationsCAS
command automation systemGovernmentCAS
Canadian Association of SlavistsOrganizationCAS
Command Automated SystemGovernmentCAS
contract administration surchargeGovernmentCAS
Central Authentication ServiceMilitaryCAS
Center of African Studies, EdinburghOrganizationCAS
computer-aided supportabilityGovernmentCAS
Caribbean Academy of SciencesOrganizationCAS
CasualtyMilitary and DefenceCAS
castratedBritish MedicineCAS
Computers Are SwineFunnyCAS
Casablanca, MoroccoRegional Airport CodeCAS
combat advice systemGovernmentCAS
Channel Associated SignalingTelecomCAS
Context Aware ServicesSoftwaresCAS
Canadian AIDS SocietyBritish MedicineCAS
combat aviation squadronGovernmentCAS
crisis action supportGovernmentCAS
Chinese Air To SurfaceMilitary and DefenceCAS
Crank Angle SensorBusiness ProductCAS
Column Address StrobeElectronicsCAS
Column Access SelectComputer Assembly LanguageCAS
Creativity Action And ServiceLawCAS
crisis action systemGovernmentCAS
Chattanooga Audubon SocietyOrganizationCAS
Channel Associated SignallingTelecomCAS
CasablancaAirport CodeCAS
Children's Aid SocietyNon-Profit OrganizationCAS
Central Account SectionBankingCAS
Chinese Accounting StandardsAccountingCAS
Combined Arms Staff Services SchoolGovernmentCAS
C + Asm Language Source (turbo C)File TypeCAS

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