CBP Full Form Name Meaning

CBP Full Form is Certified Biometrics Professional

CBP Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryCBP Terms
Certified Biometrics ProfessionalCertificationsCBP
Capacity Building PlanMessagingCBP
corporate business planGovernmentCBP
Children's Book ProjectOrganizationCBP
CHIK BALLAPURIndian Railway StationCBP
Changeable Business PreferencesBusinessCBP
Central Brooklyn PartnershipOrganizationCBP
Connector Bracket PowerSpace ScienceCBP
United States Customs and Border ProtectionUS GovernmentCBP
Coded Block Pattern (H.261)Computer and NetworkingCBP
Custom Built PagesInternetCBP
US Customs and Border ProtectionOtherCBP
Calmodulin Binding PeptideHuman GenomeCBP
Capabilities-based PlanningMilitary and DefenceCBP
California Budget ProjectOrganizationCBP
Coimbra, PortugalRegional Airport CodeCBP
Consumed By PassionInternet SlangCBP
Certified Benefits ProfessionalCertificationsCBP
U S Customs and Border ProtectionOtherCBP
U.S. Customs and Border ProtectionUS GovernmentCBP
Certified Business ProfessionalCertificationsCBP
Creb Binding ProteinHuman GenomeCBP
CoimbraAirport CodeCBP
Customs and Border PatrolOtherCBP
Community Bonus PackHospitalCBP

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