CCD Full Form Acronyms Abbreviation

CCD Full Form is Charged Coupled Devices

CCD Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryCCD Terms
Charged Coupled DevicesHardwareCCD
Charge-Coupled DeviceElectronicsCCD
Confraternity Of Christian DoctrineReligiousCCD
Charge Coupled DeviceComputingCCD
Carbonate Compensation DepthGeologyCCD
Census County DivisionUS GovernmentCCD
Community Cultural DevelopmentEducationCCD
Calcite Compensation DepthPopularCCD
Common Core DataMediaCCD
Control Circuit DiagramElectronicsCCD
Civil Censorship DetachmentMilitaryCCD
Credit Card DiscountBusinessCCD
Controlled Current DistributionElectronicsCCD
Configuration Control DocumentMilitaryCCD
Component Coupling DiagramElectronicsCCD
Cell Copying DatabaseComputer DatabaseCCD
Camouflage, Concealment, and DeceptionMilitaryCCD
charged couple deviceOtherCCD
Camera Charging DeviceMeteorologyCCD
Chasing Catholic DamesFunnyCCD
Capital Care - DickinsfieldOrganizationCCD
Calamos Dynamic Convertible & Income FundNASDAQ SymbolCCD
continental communications divisionGovernmentCCD
Council for a Community of DemocraciesOrganizationCCD
command and control displayGovernmentCCD
Closet Cross DresserFunnyCCD
cash concentration and disbursementGovernmentCCD
charged-coupled device (see CIGovernmentCCD
Colony Collapse DisorderVeterinaryCCD
course control damperGovernmentCCD
camouflage concealment and deceptionGovernmentCCD
critical component demonstrationGovernmentCCD
Community Capital DevelopmentOrganizationCCD
Cafe Coffee DayCompany NameCCD
Checkout Command DecoderSpace ScienceCCD
cash concentration or disbursementGovernmentCCD
Community College of DenverEducational InstituteCCD
common category databaseGovernmentCCD
Consortium Congo DevelopmentOrganizationCCD
CHICHONDAIndian Railway StationCCD
Centre for the Community DevelopemntOrganizationCCD
computer-controlled displayGovernmentCCD
Collaborative Consultation DatabaseNetworkingCCD
Cash Concentration of Disbersement PlusAccounts and FinanceCCD+
Constant Change DisplaySpace ScienceCCD
command case directiveGovernmentCCD
Los Angeles (ca)Airport CodeCCD
course control documentGovernmentCCD
Commander of Coast DefencesMilitary and DefenceCCD

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