CCI Full Form Name

CCI Full Form is Contact Community Information

CCI Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryCCI Terms
Contact Community InformationOrganizationCCI
Computer Controlled InkingComputingCCI
College Campus InitiativeUniversityCCI
Composite Center InternationalOrganizationCCI
Commanders Critical InformationMilitaryCCI
Corinthian Colleges IncEducational InstituteCCI
Citizen Care, Inc.OrganizationCCI
Cross Cancer InstituteMedicalCCI
Crown Castle International CorporationNASDAQ SymbolCCI
Canadian Crossroads Int'lOrganizationCCI
Community College InternshipsEducational InstituteCCI
Child Care IndiaOrganizationCCI
Chatham Collegiate InstituteUniversityCCI
Correct Coding InitiativeComputer AssemblyCCI
Chrysalis Community Inc.OrganizationCCI
Community College InternshipEducational InstituteCCI
Canadian Classification IndexDiseaseCCI
Co Counselling InternationalBusiness FirmCCI
Chamber of Commerce and IndustryLocal StateCCI
Community Conservancy InternationalOrganizationCCI
Center of Concern of IllinoisOrganizationCCI
Cámara de Comercio InternacionalSpanishCCI
ConcordiaAirport CodeCCI
Consumer Cooperative InternationalOrganizationCCI
composite configuration itemGovernmentCCI
Consumer Confidence IndexUS GovernmentCCI
CCITT Group 3 and Group 4 EncodingFile ExtensionCCI
Common Client InterfaceComputer NetworkingCCI
Community Coordination InitiativeOrganizationCCI
Community Change, Inc.OrganizationCCI
Camp Courageous of IowaOrganizationCCI
Cotton Corporation of India LimitedMinistry of TextilesCCI
Center for Citizen InitiativesOrganizationCCI
Custom Coasters InternationalBusiness FirmCCI
Cotton Corporation of IndiaCountry SpecificCCI
Common Communications InterfaceComputer NetworkingCCI
controlled cryptographic item, 5GovernmentCCI
Chaordic Commons, Inc.OrganizationCCI
Cardiovascular Credentialing InternationalHospitalCCI
Centre for Change and InnovationGovernmentCCI
Chosen Children InternationalOrganizationCCI
Collective Communication Inc.OrganizationCCI
Computer Currents InteractiveMediaCCI
Cricket Club of IndiaSportsCCI
Cheer Channel IncorporatedSportsCCI
Concours Complet InternationaleBusiness FirmCCI
Carolina Computing InitiativeComputingCCI
Crown CastleOtherCCI
ChildCare InternationalNon-Profit OrganizationCCI
compliant, compatible, and interoperableGovernmentCCI
Conservative Confidence IntervalMathsCCI
Contact Closure InputElectronicsCCI
Community Concepts, Inc.OrganizationCCI
Cri du Coeur InternationalOrganizationCCI
Cancer Care Inc.OrganizationCCI
Competition Commisssion of IndiaCountry SpecificCCI
Child Care Inc.OrganizationCCI
Cascade Cartridges, Inc.MilitaryCCI
Christian Camping InternationalReligiousCCI
Common Compiler InfrastructureSoftwaresCCI
Canadian Crossroads InternationalBusiness FirmCCI
Children's Campaign, Inc.OrganizationCCI
Controlled Cryptographic ItemMilitaryCCI
Center of Civil InitiativesOrganizationCCI
Compliant, Compatible, & InteroperableMilitaryCCI
Catholic Charities, Inc.OrganizationCCI
Cámara de Comercio e IndustriaSpanishCCI
Commodity Channel IndexStock ExchangeCCI
Canine Companions for IndependenceVeterinaryCCI
Crown Castle InternationalOtherCCI
Co-channel InterferenceRadio ScienceCCI
Cotton Council InternationalOrganizationCCI

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