CDF Full Form Name

CDF Full Form is Cunningham Dance Foundation

CDF Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryCDF Terms
Cunningham Dance FoundationOrganizationCDF
Cumulative Distribution FunctionMathsCDF
combat direction findingGovernmentCDF
Congregation for the Doctrine of the FaithOrganizationCDF
Commissione delle FinanzeItalianCDF
Church Development FundReligiousCDF
Common Data FormatFile ExtensionCDF
Cortina D'ampezzoAirport CodeCDF
Children's Dance FoundationOrganizationCDF
Chenab Development FoundationOrganizationCDF
Core DIS FacilityMilitaryCDF
Confined Detonating FuseSpace ScienceCDF
Unidata NetCDF GraphicsFile ExtensionCDF
Channel Definition Format ( Microsoft)File TypeCDF
Cable Distribution FrameSpace ScienceCDF
Cyberspace Description FormatFile ExtensionCDF
Crystal Data FileComputingCDF
combined distribution frameGovernmentCDF
core distributed interactive simulation facilityGovernmentCDF
Cadillac Fairview CorporationNYSE SymbolCDF
Central Data FacilitySpace ScienceCDF
Circuit Design FabricationSpace ScienceCDF
Child's Dream FoundationOrganizationCDF
Computable Document FormatFile TypeCDF
Cooperative Development FoundationNon-Profit OrganizationCDF
criticality difficulty frequencyGovernmentCDF
County Durham FoundationOrganizationCDF
class determination and findingGovernmentCDF
Channel Definition FormatComputingCDF
comma delimited formatGovernmentCDF
Cool-down FacilitySpace ScienceCDF
cumulative damage functionGovernmentCDF
Community Development FoundationOrganizationCDF
Charles Darwin FoundationNon-Profit OrganizationCDF
FrancsCountry CurrencyCDF
Cambridge Documentary FilmsOrganizationCDF
Command Data FileComputingCDF

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