CDS Full Form Acronyms Abbreviation

CDS Full Form is Central Depository System

CDS Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryCDS Terms
Central Depository SystemBusinessCDS
Consejo de SeguridadSpanishCDS
Coronal Diagnostic SpectrometerNASACDS
Correlated Double SamplingElectronicsCDS
Color Doppler SonographyHospitalCDS
Crashworthiness Data SystemTransportationCDS
Continuous Deflective SeparationBusiness PositionCDS
Canadian Depository for Securities LtdStock ExchangeCDS
Credit Default SwapAccountingCDS
Circular Date StampHobbyCDS
Controlled Dangerous SubstanceLawCDS
Cockpit Display SystemBusiness ProductCDS
Chronic Disease StatePhysiologyCDS
Container Delivery SystemMilitaryCDS
Commercial Documentation ServicesBusinessCDS
Criminal Defence ServiceĀ OtherCDS
Compact Digital SwitchMilitaryCDS
California Dressage SocietySportsCDS
Cross Disciplinary SubjectUniversityCDS
Coordinated Data SystemComputer NetworkingCDS
Credit Default SwapsOtherCDS
conceptual design studyGovernmentCDS
Centre for Development StudiesOtherCDS
computer duplex systemGovernmentCDS
Control Display SystemMilitaryCDS
Citrix Device ServicesBusiness FirmCDS
Cell Death ServerFunnyCDS
Centralized Data SystemsGovernmentCDS
Centre for Defence StudiesOrganizationCDS
Cubic Defense SystemsMilitaryCDS
Cranstoun Drug ServicesOrganizationCDS
Construction Drawing SubsetArchitectureCDS
Comprehensive Development ServicesBusiness FirmCDS
Combat Direction SystemGovernmentCDS
Continuous Deflection SeparationPhysicsCDS
Congressional Descriptive SummariesGovernmentCDS
cockpit dynamic simulatorGovernmentCDS
Capability Design SpecificationGovernmentCDS
Community Development SocietyOrganizationCDS
command direct supportGovernmentCDS
command and decision systemGovernmentCDS
Central Data SystemSpace ScienceCDS
commander's data summaryGovernmentCDS
Childress Muni airportRegional Airport CodeCDS
continuing design servicesGovernmentCDS
control and display subsystemGovernmentCDS
current directory structureGovernmentCDS
Command and Data SystemSpace ScienceCDS
Collision Detector SystemSpace ScienceCDS
countermeasure dispenser systemsGovernmentCDS
contractor data sheet, 19GovernmentCDS
Congressional data sheetGovernmentCDS
Community Development ServicesOrganizationCDS
Combined Defence ServicesEntrance ExamCDS
Center for Development and StabilityOrganizationCDS
Closeout Door SystemSpace ScienceCDS
CHANDISARIndian Railway StationCDS
Control Data SystemSpace ScienceCDS
Childress (tx)Airport CodeCDS
Central Data SubsystemComputer HardwareCDS
Caller Display SignalingComputer and NetworkingCDS
Chief of Defence StaffMilitary and DefenceCDS
Central Disk SpaceComputer HardwareCDS
Central Difference SchemeMathsCDS
Cul De SacReal EstateCDS
Canadian Depository for Securities, Ltd.Stock ExchangeCDS
Corps Dressing StationMilitary and DefenceCDS
Cadmium SulfideChemical FormulaCdS
Code Substitution SimultaneousMilitary and DefenceCDS

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