CF Full Form Name

CF Full Form is Call Forward

CF Full Form / Abbreviation Category CF Terms
Call Forward Telecom CF
Caron Foundation Organization CF
Community Forum Organization CF
Cripplegate Foundation Organization CF
Ceramic Fiber Chemistry CF
Compact Fluorescent Business Product CF
Coin First Telecommunication CF
Communication Functions Computer and Networking CF
Care for the Family Organization CF
consequence of failure Government CF
Chronic Fatigue Acedemic & Science CF
concept formulation Government CF
Carbon Fiber Business Product CF
Conventional Forces Military CF
Call Forwarding Computing CF
Confer Latin CF
Craftsmann Foundation Organization CF
ClĂ­nica Figurella Medical CF
Circuit Foundation Organization CF
Crisys Foundation Organization CF
Cubic Feet Unit of Measurement CF
Central Focus Maths CF
Curved Field Physics Related CF
Customs form, 14 Government CF
Carry Flag Computer Assembly Language CF
Computation Flag Computer Assembly Language CF
Chosen Few Military CF
Comino Foundation Organization CF
Central African Republic Countries CF
Cystic Fibrosis Human Genome CF
Conservative Future Stock Exchange CF
Clinton Foundation Organization CF
Clean Fill Real Estate CF
Construyendo Familia Organization CF
Carrier Furnished Telecommunication CF
career field Government CF
Case File FBI File CF
Co-operative Foundation Organization CF
Characteristic Function Maths CF
Council on Foundations Organization CF
City Folk Community CF
Cash Flow Accounting CF
Core Foundation University CF
Century Fund Organization CF
Conductivity Factor Electronics CF
cardiac failure British Medicine CF
Calacirya Foundation Organization CF
Cumulative Frequency Maths CF
Conceptual Framework Academic Degree CF
counter force Government CF
Coprodeli Foundation Organization CF
Centrifugal Force NASA CF
communications flight Government CF
Coalition Forces Military CF
Confidence Factor of The Drift Error Military and Defence CF
Cosanti Foundation Organization CF
Cottonwood Foundation Organization CF
Caused A Fumble Sports CF
Cannon Fodder Military and Defence CF
Chemical Fixation Chemistry CF
Community Frameworks Organization CF
Cross Flow Physics CF
Chaos Frame Networking CF
Conflict Free Computer Hardware CF
Constant Flow Physics Related CF
Cross Reference Education CF
Center Feild Sports CF
Concentrated Fire Military and Defence CF
crew factor Government CF
Center Flag Sports CF
Cheese Factory Messaging CF
Chaplain To The Forces Military and Defence CF
Common Factor Other CF
cathode follower Government CF
Control Functions Military CF
control facility Government CF
Comma Format Database Management CF
Commonwealth Foundation Organization CF
Clinica Fuensanta Medical CF
Corporate Financier Accounts and Finance CF
Control Function Computing CF
Character First! Organization CF
CharityFocus Organization CF
counterfire Government CF
Citigroup Foundation Organization CF
Carondelet Foundation Organization CF
Childhood First Organization CF
Center Frequency Electronics CF
conversion factor Government CF
Chevron Foundation Organization CF
Correction Factor Maths CF
Crossroads Fund Organization CF
Compartmented Facility Military and Defence CF
Crescent Foundation Organization CF
Cshtuffing Fenvelopes Funny CF
Certainty Factor Maths CF
Chinansi Foundation Organization CF
Cricket Foundation Organization CF
carrier frequency Government CF
Challenges Foundation Organization CF
Chain Foundation Organization CF
Compact Flash Hardware CF
Crichton Foundation Organization CF
Culture Fusion Organization CF
Craigslist Foundation Organization CF
Catharsis Foundation Organization CF
Cold Fusion Misc CF
Center Frequencies Computer and Networking CF
Corban Foundation Organization CF
Imake Configuration File File Type CF
Canadian Forces Law CF
Careth Foundation Organization CF
Center Forward Space Science CF
Cape Fear Earth Science CF
Characteristic Frequency Electronics CF
Child Focus Organization CF
Cordimarian Filiation Organization CF
Capre Foundation Organization CF
Configuration File Computing CF
case fatality British Medicine CF
Circle of Friends Organization CF
Coram Family Organization CF
CF Industries Holdings, Inc. NASDAQ Symbol CF
Cost Foundation Organization CF
Civil Forum Organization CF
Care Foundation Organization CF
Californium Chemistry CF
Cultural services of the French embassy Organization CF
Collection Frequency Chemistry CF
Clinica de Fatima Medical CF
Cursor Forward Softwares CF
Causeway Ferry Military and Defence CF

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