CFL Full Form

CFL full form

The Full Form of CFL is Compact Fluorescent Lamp. CFL are energy savings lampsand that is designed to reduce the electrical power consumption.
CFL are 2 Types:

Popular Full Form of CFL

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What does CFL stand for

CFL Full Form / Meaning Category CFL Terms
Calcutta Football League Football leagues CFL
Compact Fluorescent Lamp Electrical Device CFL
Corelflow Chart File Type CFL
California Finance Lender Banking CFL
Chinese as a foreign language Languages CFL
College of Foreign Languages Languages CFL
Commission on the Filipino Language Languages CFL
Context-free language Languages CFL
Campaign for Liberty Politics CFL
Connecticut for Lieberman Politics CFL
Council of Four Lands Politics CFL
Color-flavor locking Science and technology CFL
Compact fluorescent lamp Science and technology CFL
Compressed File Library Science and technology CFL
Courant–Friedrichs–Lewy condition Science and technology CFL
Ceylon Federation of Labour Trade unionism CFL

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