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CFR Full Form / Abbreviation Category CFR Terms
Compagnie Financiere Richemont Other CFR
Center for Family Representation Organization CFR
Call For Ruling Law CFR
Cullen Frost Bankers, Inc. NYSE Symbol CFR
computerized fault reporting Government CFR
contractor funds report Government CFR
Canadian Finals Rodeo Sports CFR
Continuous Flow Recycling Physics Related CFR
Confronta Italian CFR
Camp Falling Rock Regional CFR
Carpiquet airport Regional Airport Code CFR
Catch A Free Ride Transportation CFR
case fatality rate Medical CFR
chronic renal failure British Medicine CFR
Cost and Freight International Business CFR
Code Other CFR
Caen Airport Code CFR
Can't Find the Road Media CFR
Confirmation to Receive Computer and Networking CFR
Canadian FundRaiser Organization CFR
Code Of Federal Regulations NASA CFR
Council on Foreign Relations Non-Profit Organization CFR
case-fatality ratio British Medicine CFR
computerized facial recognition Government CFR
Certified First Responder Physiology CFR
Call For References Internet Slang CFR
Corporate And Foundation Relations Business CFR
Casting For Recovery Chemistry CFR
Caen, France Regional Airport Code CFR
Contract Financial Requirements Accounts and Finance CFR
Campaign Finance Reform Political CFR
Code of Federal Regulations Guidance (NRC Inspection Manual) File Extension CFR
Center for Family Resources Organization CFR
Cullen/Frost Bankers, Inc. NASDAQ Symbol CFR

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