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Committed information rate – CIR

{Dedicated|Fully commited|Determined} Information Rate or cir in a Frame Relay network is the band width for a virtual {signal|routine|outlet} guaranteed by an internet {provider|service agency} to work under normal conditions. At any given time, the band width should not fall below this committed figure. The bandwidth is usually {indicated|portrayed|stated} in kilobits per second (kbit/s).

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What does CIR stand for

CIR Full Form / Meaning Category CIR Terms
Caledonian Road & Barnsbury railway station Railway station CIR
Committed Information Rate IT CIR
Carrier to Interference Ratio Computer CIR
Credit Information Report General CIR
Center for Individual Rights General CIR
Configuration In Run Computer CIR
Committed Information Rate General CIR
Combustion Integrated Rack General CIR
Center for Investigative Reporting General CIR
Committee on International Relations General CIR
Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006 General CIR
Coordinator for International Relations General CIR
Cosmetic Ingredient Review General CIR

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