CMOS Full Form Acronyms Abbreviation

CMOS Full Form is Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor

CMOS Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryCMOS Terms
Complementary Metal Oxide SemiconductorHardwareCMOS
Can't Motivate Online SlackersFunnyCMOS
Cannot Motivate Online SlackersFunnyCMOS
Canadian Meteorological And Oceanographic SocietyMeteorologyCMOS
Complimentary Metal Oxide SemiconductorOtherCMOS
Cargo Movement Operating SystemMilitaryCMOS
Complementary Metal-Oxide SemiconductorInformation TechnologyCMOS
Computer Minimum Operating SystemComputingCMOS
Complementary metal–oxide–semiconductorOtherCMOS
Credence Systems CorporationNASDAQ SymbolCMOS
Can't Make Out SquatFunnyCMOS
cargo movement operations system , 3GovernmentCMOS
Cellular Management Operation SystemComputingCMOS
Comparison Mean Opinion ScoreComputer and NetworkingCMOS
Cerebral Muscle Operation SynapsePhysiologyCMOS
Cargo Movement Operations SystemMilitary and DefenceCMOS

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