COM Full Form Acronyms Abbreviation

COM Full Form is Commercial Firm

COM Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryCOM Terms
Commercial FirmDomain NameCOM
Component Object ModuleComputer SoftwareCOM
Candle Of The MonthInternetCOM
College of Osteopathic MedicineUniversityCOM
Computer Output on MicrofilmComputingCOM
Communication Organization And ManagementBusinessCOM
Collecting Others MoneyComputer NetworkingCOM
Component Object ModelComputer DatabaseCOM
Center of MassMilitaryCOM
Character-Oriented MessagesMilitaryCOM
Common Object ModelComputingCOM
Cardiac Output MonitorHospitalCOM
Computer Output MicroficheComputingCOM
Customer's Own MaterialBusinessCOM
Computer Output to MicrofilmMilitaryCOM
communication switchingGovernmentCOM
Control Of MomFunnyCOM
Collecting Others' MoneyFunnyCOM
Communications MACROGovernmentCOM
Crappy Object ModelFunnyCOM
Charisma Outreach MinistriesOrganizationCOM
communications technologyGovernmentCOM
CommercialWeb TechnologyCOM
computer output on microfilm or microficheGovernmentCOM
Coleman (tx)Airport CodeCOM
collection operations managementGovernmentCOM
CHOMUN SAMODIndian Railway StationCOM
compact optronic mastGovernmentCOM
CommonSpace ScienceCOM
computer operation manualGovernmentCOM
ComorosCountry ISO CodeCOM
Chief of MissionMilitary and DefenceCOM
chief of mission, 13GovernmentCOM
Community Organizers MultiversityOrganizationCOM
Communications (port)NetworkingCOM
Dos Command File (memory Image of Executable Program)File TypeCOM
Compressed Unix File Archive (compact)File TypeCOM
Concept of MaintenanceGovernmentCOM
College of The MainlandEducational InstituteCOM
continuation of messageGovernmentCOM
Customer Owned MaterialMessagingCOM

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