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COM Full Form / Abbreviation Category COM Terms
Commercial Firm Domain Name COM
Component Object Module Computer Software COM
Candle Of The Month Internet COM
College of Osteopathic Medicine University COM
Computer Output on Microfilm Computing COM
Communication Organization And Management Business COM
Collecting Others Money Computer Networking COM
Command Military COM
Component Object Model Computer Database COM
Center of Mass Military COM
Character-Oriented Messages Military COM
Common Object Model Computing COM
Cardiac Output Monitor Hospital COM
Computer Output Microfiche Computing COM
Customer's Own Material Business COM
Computer Output to Microfilm Military COM
COMmander Military COM
communication switching Government COM
Control Of Mom Funny COM
Collecting Others' Money Funny COM
Communications MACRO Government COM
Crappy Object Model Funny COM
Charisma Outreach Ministries Organization COM
communications technology Government COM
Commercial Web Technology COM
computer output on microfilm or microfiche Government COM
Coleman (tx) Airport Code COM
collection operations management Government COM
CHOMUN SAMOD Indian Railway Station COM
compact optronic mast Government COM
Common Space Science COM
computer operation manual Government COM
Comoros Country ISO Code COM
Chief of Mission Military and Defence COM
chief of mission, 13 Government COM
Community Organizers Multiversity Organization COM
Communications (port) Networking COM
Dos Command File (memory Image of Executable Program) File Type COM
Compressed Unix File Archive (compact) File Type COM
Concept of Maintenance Government COM
College of The Mainland Educational Institute COM
continuation of message Government COM
Customer Owned Material Messaging COM

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