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COO Full Form / Abbreviation Category COO Terms
Certificate Of Origin Misc COO
Chief Ordnance Officer Military and Defence COO
Country of Origin Other COO
Chief Operating Officer Business Position COO
Chief Operations Officer Business Position COO
Centro Oftamologico de Occidente Guatemalan COO
Cooper Companies, Inc. NYSE Symbol COO
Cotonou Airport Code COO
Cell of Origin Computing COO
Chief Operative Officer Job Title COO
Cooper Companies, Inc. (The) NASDAQ Symbol COO
Cotonou, Benin Regional Airport Code COO
Chief Of Overt Operations US Government COO
CHHOTI ODAI Indian Railway Station COO
Cotonou Cadjehoun airport Regional Airport Code COO
Chief Operation Officer Job Title COO
Cookie file File Extension COO
Cost Of Ownership Electronics COO

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