CR Full Form Name

CR Full Form is colorectal

CR Full Form / Abbreviation Category CR Terms
colorectal British Medicine CR
computer resource Government CR
Central Railways Indian Ministry of Railways CR
Corona Resistant Space Science CR
Compact Rifle Military and Defence CR
central region Government CR
Columbus Residence Medical CR
clarification report Government CR
Cristiano Ronaldo Sports CR
Conference Record Conference CR
Compact Radius Maths CR
Crew Space Science CR
combat rescue Government CR
Cents of Relief Organization CR
contract report Government CR
concentration ratio British Medicine CR
Cultural Resource United Nations CR
credit record Other CR
Companies Registry Government CR
Crane Company NYSE Symbol CR
Critical Resistance Organization CR
crystal rectifier Government CR
Cream Misc CR
Constructed Response Education CR
Conversion Rate Currency CR
Cruz Roja Spanish CR
Centre hospitalier Richardson Medical CR
Cost Reduced Accounts and Finance CR
Conditioned Response Physiology CR
Congregation of Regular Clerics Organization CR
Comfortable Runabout Electronics CR
Counter Receipt Stock Exchange CR
Comité Regional Spanish CR
certification recommendation Government CR
Serum Creatinine Physiology CR
Country Road Transportation CR
Calorie Restriction Hospital CR
cathode ray British Medicine CR
Close Range Military CR
Cardinal Ratings Unit of Measurement CR
Certification Requirement Space Science CR
Costa Rica Countries CR
Computer Resource Acquisition Course Government CR
Crore Banking Cr
Cumulative Ranking Maths CR
Children's Rights Non-Profit Organization CR
Caf Racer Sports CR
Cloudbridge Reserve Organization CR
Communications Requirements Military CR
City Repair Organization CR
Centre de santé et services sociaux de la Radissonie Medical CR
Call Reference Telecom CR
cardiac resuscitation British Medicine CR
Compression Ratio Mathematics CR
Columbia Resin Computer Hardware CR
Control Room Space Science CR
Cohen Residence Organization CR
Constraint Rules Maths CR
Club Racing Sports CR
Clinica Rivabella Medical CR
Create and Replace Computer Assembly Language CR
Consolidated Rail Corporation Regional Railroad CR
Congressional Record US Government CR
Crystalline Solid Physics Related CR
conference report Government CR
Continuing Resolution Military CR
Code Release Softwares CR
Collins Radio Government Supplier CR
Command Response Computer Assembly Language CR
California Reporter Job Title CR
character reader Government CR
Chincharini and Rood Maths CR
Cup Racer Sports CR
caloric restriction British Medicine CR
Carolina Region Country Specific CR
Conversion Ratio Unit of Measurement CR
Comic Relief Organization CR
Communications Range Electronics CR
Chicken Run Media CR
Card Reader Space Science CR
Center referee Other CR
Contingency Reserve Banking CR
cognitive rehabilitation British Medicine CR
Basic Vb Kartei File File Type CR$
Credit Banking Cr
creatinine British Medicine CR
Creative Retirement Organization CR
Complete Response Education CR
country representative Government CR
Coaches Recommendation Sports CR
cancer registry British Medicine CR
Civil Reserve Air Fleet Government CR
current relay Government CR
Clínica del Real Medical CR
Cauchy Riemann Maths CR
Cyclotron Resonance Electronics CR
Clinical records Physiology CR
Colorado Rockies Sports CR
Centralized Remapping Maths CR
Columbia River Geology CR
control and reporting Government CR
Cash Receipts Accounting CR
Current Ratio Banking CR
Comfort Room Misc CR
Configuration Review Space Science CR
Communication Region Computing CR
Clínica Renacer Medical CR
Centre hospitalier régional de Rimouski Medical CR
Camera Ready Media CR
Curvature Radiation Physics Related CR
clinical remission British Medicine CR
control relay Government CR
Crossroad(s) Military and Defence CR
Change Request Military CR
Card Rate Banking CR
Community Radio Misc CR
Cross Reference Education CR
Critical Requirement Military CR
Chief Referee Sports CR
Chako Rescue Organization CR
Computer Rescue 911 inc. Organization CR
Capabilities Request (see CL) Computer and Networking CR
Carrier Route USPS CR
cost reimbursement Government CR
clot retraction British Medicine CR
Controlled Release Veterinary CR
Challenge Rating Sports CR
Conserved Region Mathematics CR
Clínica Robles Medical CR
clarification request Government CR
Classroom Education CR
Community Residences Organization CR
Conventional Recoil Military and Defence CR
Clínica del Refugio Medical CR
chest radiograph British Medicine CR
Clinica Ruber Medical CR
County Road Other CR
Continuous Recruitment Military and Defence CR
Charity Raffles Organization CR
contractile ring British Medicine CR
Chromium Chemistry CR
cervical radiculopathy British Medicine CR
Clínica Reyes Medical CR
Czech Republic Regional 2 Letter LanguageCode CR
Carriage Return Military CR
Civil Reserve Aircraft Fleet Government CR
Charles River (boston) Sports CR
command register Government CR

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