CRISP Full Form Acronyms Abbreviation

CRISP Full Form is Cross Registry Information Service Protocol

CRISP Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryCRISP Terms
Cross Registry Information Service ProtocolComputer NetworkingCRISP
Counter-revolutionary Integrated Surveillance PatrolsMilitary and DefenceCRISP
computer resources integrated support planGovernmentCRISP
Community Responding To International Student ProgramsUniversityCRISP
Chartercross Registry Information Service ProtocolComputer NetworkingCRISP
Caribbean Regional Institutional Strengthening ProjectOrganizationCRISP
computer reconstructed images from scene photographsGovernmentCRISP
Complete Repeatable Informative Schedulable And PortableBusinessCRISP
Chesapeake Regional Information System for our PatientsOtherCRISP
CRIS PlanMilitaryCRISP
Computerised Rural Information Systems ProjectIndian Ministry of Rural DevelopmentCRISP
Computer Retrieval Of Information Of Scientific ProjectsAccountingCRISP
Caching And Replication For Internet Service PerformanceComputer NetworkingCRISP
Computer Retrieval of Information on Scientific ProjectsUS GovernmentCRISP
Conflict Resolution Infiltration Support PersonnelMilitary and DefenceCRISP

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