CRS Full Form Name


CRS Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryCRS Terms
CHAURASHIIndian Railway StationCRS
Chinese restaurant syndromeBritish MedicineCRS
Christian Relief ServicesNon-Profit OrganizationCRS
Combined Reconnaissance SystemMilitary and DefenceCRS
Correctional Reporting SystemMilitary and DefenceCRS
Cash Recycling SystemAccounts and FinanceCRS
Consumer Recreation ServicesBusiness FirmCRS
calibration recall systemGovernmentCRS
Coordinator for Reconstruction and StabilizationMilitary and DefenceCRS
Colorado Revised StatutesLawCRS
colorectal surgeryBritish MedicineCRS
Compagnie républicaine de sécuritéFrenchCRS
Computerized Reservation SystemTransportationCRS
Computer Reservation SystemComputingCRS
Combinatory Reduction SystemMathsCRS
Cognitive Retraining SpecialistJob TitleCRS
Communications Relay SetMilitary and DefenceCRS
Community Rating SystemFilm CensorshipCRS
Community Resources for ScienceOrganizationCRS
component repair squadronGovernmentCRS
Central Reservation SystemTransportationCRS
Cluster Ready ServerComputer HardwareCRS
Counter Rotation ScannerSpace ScienceCRS
computer resources supportGovernmentCRS
Chairman's Readiness SystemMilitary and DefenceCRS
Carrier Router SystemNetworkingCRS
Certified Residential SpecialistBusiness PositionCRS
Creation Research SocietyNon-Profit OrganizationCRS
Catholic Relief ServiceGuatemalanCRS
Co2 Reduction SubsystemSpace ScienceCRS
Child Restraint SystemEducationCRS
Carrier Routing SystemTransportationCRS
Constant Returns To ScaleUnit of MeasurementCRS
Center for Resource SolutionsOrganizationCRS
comprehensive retrieval systemGovernmentCRS
central referral systemGovernmentCRS
CourseSpace ScienceCRS
Carpenter Technology CorporationNYSE SymbolCRS
corporate review structure, 10GovernmentCRS
cytokine release syndromeBritish MedicineCRS
Cell relay ServiceTelecomCRS
Coastal Radio StationMilitary and DefenceCRS
Cambridge Reference SequenceAstronomyCRS
Center for Retailing StudiesOrganizationCRS
Chronic Reloading SyndromeSoftwaresCRS
Combat Recon SoldierMilitary and DefenceCRS
Corsicana (tx)Airport CodeCRS
Community Relations ServiceUS GovernmentCRS
Comprehensive, Representative, Or SelectivePhysics RelatedCRS
Carbon Race SeriesSportsCRS
Congressional Research ServiceOcean ScienceCRS
Council of Residential SpecialistsOtherCRS
Can't Remember SquatSpace ScienceCRS
Computer Reservations SystemTransportationCRS
Cornored Rat SoftwareSoftwaresCRS
Wordperfect 5.1 File Conversion ResourceFile TypeCRS
Complete Residue SystemChemistryCRS
Customer Requirement SpecificationNetworkingCRS
Container Recovery SystemMilitary and DefenceCRS
Catholic Relief ServicesNon-Profit OrganizationCRS
caudal regression syndromeBritish MedicineCRS
Controlled Release SocietyOrganizationCRS
cutaneous radiation syndromeBritish MedicineCRS
Capability Reporting SystemGovernmentCRS
CrossSpace ScienceCRS
Can't Remember StuffTextingCRS
cooperative reporting systemGovernmentCRS
Country Radio SeminarOtherCRS
Configuration Report ServerComputingCRS
Combined Reporting SystemMilitary and DefenceCRS
Commercial Resupply ServicesOtherCRS

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