CTA Full Form Name Meaning

CTA Full Form is Counter Tactical Assault

CTA Full Form / Abbreviation Category CTA Terms
Counter Tactical Assault Law CTA
consolidated training activities Government CTA
Clinical Trial Authorization Laboratory CTA
Cum Testamento Annexo Latin CTA
Chinese Theater Association Media CTA
Computer Technology Associates Space Science CTA
Council For Terminal Attachment Computer and Networking CTA
Catania Airport Code CTA
Curriculum Training Associates (Company) Business Firm CTA
Chicago Transit Authority Transportation CTA
CHITRADURG Indian Railway Station CTA
Commodity Trading Adviser Business CTA
Control Terminal Agency Computer Security CTA
Community Technology Alliance Organization CTA
Controlled Thrust Assembly NASA CTA
Colorado Translators Association Other CTA
common table of allowances Government CTA
central technical activity Government CTA
Chief Technical Adviser Business Position CTA
Common Table Authorized Database Management CTA
Colorado Tennis Association Sports CTA
Controlled Time of Arrival Transportation CTA
Center for Transportation Analysis Other CTA
Completely Terrible Analysis Military CTA
Children of The Americas Non-Profit Organization CTA
Chartered Tax Adviser Business Position CTA
California Teachers Association Organization CTA
Control De Tráfico Aéreo Spanish CTA
compatibility test area Government CTA
center test authority Government CTA
Cumulative Translation Account Accounts and Finance CTA
Catania Fontanarossa airport Regional Airport Code CTA
case-telescoped ammunition Government CTA
contractual technical assistance Government CTA
central TMDE activity Government CTA
Call To Action Stock Exchange CTA
Catania, Italy Regional Airport Code CTA
Cable Television Association Media CTA
Commodity Trading Advisor Business Position CTA
Corporation Tax Assessing Accounting CTA
Clear to auscultation Physiology CTA
Cherenkov Telescope Array Other CTA
Caterpillar London Stock Exchange CTA
Case Telescoped Ammunition Military and Defence CTA
Common Table of Allowance Military CTA
Central Tmde ( Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment) Activity Military and Defence CTA
Center Trust, Inc. NYSE Symbol CTA

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