CTD Full Form Name

CTD Full Form is Crash To Desktop

CTD Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryCTD Terms
Crash To DesktopComputingCTD
Central Tracking DetectorPhysicsCTD
connective tissue diseaseBritish MedicineCTD
Corporate Travel DepartmentBusiness FirmCTD
Cash Taken DeficiencyAccountingCTD
Contracted Thingy DepotBusinessCTD
color tactical displayGovernmentCTD
Conductivity, Temperature, and DepthEarth ScienceCTD
Cheats, Tips, and DownloadsSoftwaresCTD
Claims Training DepartmentBusinessCTD
ChitreAirport CodeCTD
Common Technical DocumentUS GovernmentCTD
Concept and Technology Development Life Cycle PhaseSpace ScienceCTD
Composite Technology DevelopmentTechnologyCTD
Cumulative Trauma DisorderPhysiologyCTD
charge transfer deviceGovernmentCTD
Chitre, PanamaRegional Airport CodeCTD
Comparative Toxicogenomics DatabaseOtherCTD
Cheapest To DeliverBusinessCTD
code translation data systemGovernmentCTD
Crash Test DummyTransportationCTD
concealed target detectionGovernmentCTD
Conner Tape DriveComputer HardwareCTD
Center For Talent DevelopmentBusiness FirmCTD
Conductivity- Temperature- Depth probe/profilerOcean ScienceCTD
Common Terminal DriverComputer NetworkingCTD
CHHOTA UDEPURIndian Railway StationCTD
Conductivity, Temperature, DepthPhysicsCTD
Circling The DrainMedicalCTD
Circle The DrainBusiness ProductCTD
Change Tape DensityComputer AssemblyCTD
Comet Tail DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid)Human GenomeCTD

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