DAS Full Form Name

DAS Full Form is Direct Absorption Spectroscopy

DAS Full Form / Abbreviation Category DAS Terms
Direct Absorption Spectroscopy Electronics DAS
Dataset Attribute Structure Database Management DAS
Dead Air Space Amateur Radio DAS
disturbance analysis system Government DAS
Defense Attaché System Government DAS
Great Bear Lake Airport Code DAS
Distributed Application Services International Business DAS
dynamically assigned sockets Government DAS
Density Analysis System USPS DAS
Devereux Arizona Scottsdale Medical DAS
deputy assistant secretary, 14 Government DAS
Deep and Short Sports DAS
Dimer- Adatom Stacking Electronics DAS
dual-attached station Government DAS
Dual Attachment Station Computing DAS
Days After Sowing Unit of Measurement DAS
direct air support Government DAS
Distributed Aml (automated Media Libraries) Server Computer Hardware DAS
Dial A Song Media DAS
Data Access Server Database Management DAS
Direct Access Subscriber Military and Defence DAS
Defense Avionics System Military and Defence DAS
Digital Audio System Electronics DAS
Defense supply advisor Government DAS
Delft Active Suspension Chemistry DAS
Documentation Accountability Sheet Space Science DAS
Digital Avionics System Space Science DAS
Dark Angels Of Sin Religious DAS
de.alt.sex. German DAS
Dame Allan's Schools Organization DAS
Data Acquisition Subsystem Military DAS
Distributed Application Support Computer Networking DAS
Door Answering System Computer and Networking DAS
Dynamic Allocated Space Softwares DAS
Distributed Antenna System Telecommunication DAS
digital analog simulator Government DAS
datatron assembly system Government DAS
Direct Attached Storage Computer Networking DAS
Decimal Adjust after Subtraction Computer Assembly DAS
data automation system Government DAS
DHASA JN Indian Railway Station DAS
Distributed Annotation System Computer Networking DAS
Data Acquisition System Computing DAS
Data Analysis System Other DAS
Date Arrived On Station Military and Defence DAS
Dual Access Station Education DAS
Double Asymptotic Scaling Maths DAS
Discrete Amplifier Stage Electronics DAS
Dimer-adatom-stacking Fault Electronics DAS
Defense Avionics Systems Transportation DAS
Dominico-American Society Organization DAS
Days At Sea Military DAS
Decentralized Automated Service Support System Government DAS
Deep Air Support Military DAS
decimal adjust for subtraction Government DAS
Digital Address System Space Science DAS
Direct Access Scheme Computing DAS
Developmental Apraxia Of Speech Physiology DAS
Data Analysis Station Space Science DAS
Director of the Army Staff Military DAS

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