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What does DD stand for

DD Full Form / Abbreviation Category DD Terms
Department Of Defense Military DD
Decisions Decisions Business DD
Discharge diagnosis Physiology DD
Dolby Digital Media DD
Data Definition Computing DD
Doubled-Die Coin DD
E. I. DuPont de Nemours & Company NYSE Symbol DD
Due Diligence Law DD
Degree Days Unit of Measurement DD
Developmentally Disabled Education DD
Decimal Degrees Unit of Measurement DD
Double D Acedemic & Science DD
Dungeons and Dragons Hobby DD
David Duchovny Popular DD
Dunkin Donuts Food DD
Doctor Of Divinity Academic Degree DD
Double Density Military DD
Down and Dirty Performing Art DD
Deployment Descriptor Military DD
Degree of Difficulty Sports DD
Daily Digest Media DD
Direct Debit Accounting DD
Data Dump Computing DD
Dear Daughter Internet Slang DD
Duplex Drive Military DD
Data Devices Military DD
Disco Dancer Business Position DD
Dumb and Dumber Media DD
Destroyer Military DD
Dearborn Dynamic Toastmasters Club Toastmaster DD
Donald Duck Popular DD
Dual Diagnosis Psychology DD
Dominio Divino Organization DD
Dewey decimal Government DD
data dictionary Government DD
Dwarven Defender Funny DD
Desert Dove Organization DD
Doctor Doom Popular DD
data dictionary and directory Government DD
Dino Digs Funny DD
disconnecting device Government DD
Damn Dirty Funny DD
days after date Government DD
Dead Dad Funny DD
Donation Doubler Organization DD
Demand Deposit Accounting DD
Defense Department Government DD
Compressed Macintosh File Archive (diskdoubler) File Type DD
Dueling Dragons Science Fiction DD
E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company NASDAQ Symbol DD
digital display Government DD
Digit Directory Telecommunication DD
Demand Draft Accounting DD
defense depot Government DD
drawdown, 15 Government DD
Digital Development Organization DD
Duke Dermatology Medical DD
decimal divide Government DD
Delhi Daredevils IPL Team DD
Duplicate Data Softwares DD
Differential Diagnosis Medical DD
Double Degree Educational Degree DD
Decoder Driver Space Science DD
Data Dumper Softwares DD
Data Dependent Softwares DD
Directives Documentation Space Science DD
Daman and Diu Indian Union Territory DD
Device Dump Softwares DD
Double Diode Electronics DD
Doordarshan Indian Government DD
DAUND JN Indian Railway Station DD
Definition Data Database Management DD
Disk Drive Computer Hardware DD
Double Density (floppy Disk) Computer Hardware DD
day Government DD
Data Depository Space Science DD
Disk Duplicator Computer Hardware DD
Deputy Director Job Title DD
Definition Description Database Management DD
Disk Data Computer Hardware DD
Mechanical and Facilities Engineering Directorate, Kennedy Space Center Space Science DD
Duplicate Disk Computer Assembly Language DD
Differential Detection Physics Related DD
Discharged Dead Computer Hardware DD
Dedicated Display Space Science DD
Data Duplicator Computer Hardware DD
Data Display Space Science DD
Double-double (basketball) Sports DD
Default Distribution Maths DD
Diffractive Dissociation Physics Related DD
Damage Dealer Sports DD
Double Dark Sports DD
Dms Discretion Military and Defence DD
Direct Damage Military and Defence DD
Defined Definition Database Management DD
Defensive Damage Military and Defence DD

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