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DDD Full Form / Abbreviation Category DDD Terms
Design Develop Deploy Business DDD
Doomy Doomy Darkness Funny DDD
Defined Daily Dose Physiology DDD
Documentation Diagnosis And Design Business DDD
Display Decoder Drive Space Science DDD
Delhi Daredevils Sports DDD
Don's Door Data Funny DDD
Death Dung And Decay Funny DDD
data description document Government DDD
Digital Divide Data Organization DDD
Design Definition Document Space Science DDD
Dot Density Display Hardware DDD
Doocs Data Display Computing DDD
display decoder driver Government DDD
Detailed Design Document Computer Software DDD
3D Systems Corporation NASDAQ Symbol DDD
DHONDHA DIH Indian Railway Station DDD
Direct Distance Dialing Telecom DDD
Digital Design Derivation Business DDD
Dumb, Dumb, and Dumber Funny DDD
Dirty Dragon Dishonor Funny DDD
Division Of Developmental Disability Local State DDD
Duckworth's Dargle Delight Funny DDD
dense deposit disease British Medicine DDD
data definition language Government DDD
Dynamic Digital Depth Physics DDD
Double Decker Disaster Food DDD
Dream Drop Distance Other DDD
Debility Dread And Death Funny DDD
desired delivery date Government DDD
Dynamic Distributed Data Computer Networking DDD
Direct Distance Dial Military DDD
Duckworths Dargle Delight Funny DDD
Dot Dot Dot Mathematics DDD
Dance Dance Defenestration Sports DDD
Den Danske Dyrlaegeforening (Danish Veterinary Association) Veterinary DDD
Chequemate International, Inc. AMEX Symbol DDD
Dragon Dice And Dungeons Funny DDD
Direct Document Denotation Media DDD
Detroit Donut Destroyer Funny DDD
Degenerative Disc Disease Physiology DDD

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