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What does DDM stand for

DDM Full Form / Abbreviation Category DDM Terms
Dodoima, Papua New Guinea Regional Airport Code DDM
Data Diffusion Machine Computing DDM
Drop Down Menu Computer Software DDM
Direct Democracy Manifesto Political DDM
Document Data Maintenance Business DDM
Deadliest Death Match Sports DDM
Dependent Data Mart Computer Database DDM
Digital Distribution Of Music Media DDM
deputy demonstration manager, 5 Government DDM
Device Driver Module Computer Software DDM
Discrete Data Management Space Science DDM
difference in depth of modulation Government DDM
Dodecyl-{beta}-d-maltoside Chemistry DDM
DAM DIM Indian Railway Station DDM
data demand module Government DDM
Dave Dan And Mike Electronics DDM
Digital Data Modem Military and Defence DDM
Deviation Decision Management Accounts and Finance DDM
Data Display Module Space Science DDM
Data Display Monitoring Space Science DDM
distributed data management Government DDM
Dodoima Airport Code DDM

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