DDR Full Form Name

DDR Full Form is Don't Do Rookies

DDR Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryDDR Terms
Don't Do RookiesSportsDDR
Direct Debit RequestBankingDDR
Dont Do RookiesSportsDDR
double drift regionGovernmentDDR
Radar Picket DestroyerMilitaryDDR
Don't Do RambusFunnyDDR
Destination Data RegisterComputer Assembly LanguageDDR
Doubled Die ReverseCoinDDR
Drag, Drop, and ReplaceSoftwaresDDR
Disarmament, Demobilization, and ReintegrationMilitary and DefenceDDR
Double Density Ram (random-access Memory)Computer HardwareDDR
Daily Drilling ReportEarth ScienceDDR
Don Damon RadioMessagingDDR
Device Description RepositoryComputer SoftwareDDR
Detailed Design ReviewSoftwaresDDR
Drag Drop And ReplaceInternational BusinessDDR
Dual Data RateTelecomDDR
Doyble Data RateBusiness ProductDDR
daily demand rateGovernmentDDR
Deutsche Demokratische RepublikOcean ScienceDDR
Dynamic Document ReviewComputer NetworkingDDR
Die Deutsche RemilitarisirungMilitary and DefenceDDR
Diversity Density And RegionalUS GovernmentDDR
Disarmament Demobilization And ReintegrationMilitaryDDR
Digital Disk RecorderComputer HardwareDDR
Double Data RateHardwareDDR
Death To Dumb RambusFunnyDDR
MUMBAI(DADAR)Indian Railway StationDDR
Drunk Dimwits RunFunnyDDR
Data Discrepancy ReportSpace ScienceDDR
Design Development RecordSpace ScienceDDR
Document Discrepancy ReportComputer and NetworkingDDR
Dance Dance RevolutionMusicDDR
German Democratic Republic (Deutsche Demokratische Republic)Nazi RegimeDDR
Dark Dancer RocksFunnyDDR
Developers Diversified RealtyNYSE SymbolDDR

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