DDS Full Form Acronyms Abbreviation

DDS Full Form is Direct Digital Synthesis

DDS Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryDDS Terms
Direct Digital SynthesisComputingDDS
Direct Digital SynthesizerElectronicsDDS
Doctor Of Dental SurgeryBusiness PositionDDS
Digital Dmb SourceComputingDDS
Discount Department StoresBusiness FirmDDS
Digital Data ServiceMilitaryDDS
Digital Data StorageComputer NetworkingDDS
Decision Support SystemComputingDDS
Dillards, Inc.NYSE SymbolDDS
Data Description SpecificationsComputingDDS
Direct Draw SurfaceBusiness FirmDDS
Discount Dance SupplyBusiness FirmDDS
Dark Duel StoriesMediaDDS
Disability Determination ServicesUS GovernmentDDS
Document Delivery ServiceComputingDDS
Dataphone Digital ServiceComputingDDS
Dolby Digital SoundMediaDDS
Digital Dynamic SoundMediaDDS
Data Definition SpecificationsComputer DatabaseDDS
Dino Death SquadFunnyDDS
Dillard's, Inc.NASDAQ SymbolDDS
Deep Dive SystemMilitaryDDS
Dead Divx SocietyFunnyDDS
Distributed Database SystemMilitaryDDS
Deep Dark SecretsInternet SlangDDS
Dumpy Down SouthFunnyDDS
Dallas Day SchoolOrganizationDDS
dental data systemGovernmentDDS
data display systemGovernmentDDS
Drop Dead SexyClothesDDS
digital display scopeGovernmentDDS
Dey Died ScreamingFunnyDDS
digital dynamics simulatorGovernmentDDS
Defense Dissemination SystemGovernmentDDS
design data sheetGovernmentDDS
Data Distribution SystemMilitaryDDS
display and debriefing systemGovernmentDDS
distributed database servicesGovernmentDDS
Data Description StructureComputer DatabaseDDS
deployable defense systemGovernmentDDS
Digital Dong SystemFunnyDDS
Digital Dataphone ServiceGovernmentDDS
distributed data servicesGovernmentDDS
digital data systemGovernmentDDS
Director of Dental ServicesGovernmentDDS
document development systemGovernmentDDS
alryada for Development and Development StudiesOrganizationDDS
Discrete Dynamic SystemElectronicsDDS
Dak Development SocietyOrganizationDDS
Data Distribution ServiceSoftwaresDDS
DUDH SAGARIndian Railway StationDDS
Detailed Design SpecificationSpace ScienceDDS
Documentation Distribution SystemSpace ScienceDDS
Dutch Demolition SquadMilitary and DefenceDDS
Dutch Delta SquadMilitary and DefenceDDS
dry deck shelterGovernmentDDS
Directorate of Information ServicesMilitary and DefenceDDS
Direct Digital SignalElectronicsDDS
Dark Deadly SnipersMilitary and DefenceDDS
Department of Defense supportGovernmentDDS
Deployable Disbursing SystemMilitary and DefenceDDS

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