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DES Full Form / Abbreviation Category DES Terms
Develop Etch Strip Electronics DES
Digital Extend Signal (T.30) Computer and Networking DES
Data Encryption Software Softwares DES
Diethylstibestrol Physiology DES
Discrete Event Simulation Mathematics DES
differential equation solver Government DES
Division of Environmental Sciences Ocean Science DES
Dental Equipment Set Military DES
DESARI Indian Railway Station DES
Duke Engineering & Services, Inc. Business Firm DES
Draft European Standard Computer and Networking DES
Desroches Airport Code DES
Division of Earth Sciences Ocean Science DES
distributed energy storage Government DES
Diplôme D'études Supérieures French DES
Dry Eye Syndrome Physiology DES
digital expansion system Government DES
Desc S. A. de C. V. NYSE Symbol DES
Defense Engineering Service Government DES
Division for Exceptional Students Education DES
drug-eluting stent British Medicine DES
Data Evaluation System Computing DES
Dewar Elementary School School DES
Data Encryption System Computer Security DES
Dutch, English, And Spanish International DES
Drug Eluting Stent Laboratory DES
data entry sheet Government DES
Describe Physiology DES
Data Encryption Standard (U.S.) Computer and Networking DES
design environmental simulator Government DES
Drug Enforcement Specialist Job Title DES
Display Equipment Status Electronics DES
Description File Extension DES
Diethylstilbestrol Chemistry DES
Desroches airport Regional Airport Code DES
Diethyl sulphate Chemistry DES
Delivered Ex Ship International Business DES
Directorate of Economics and Statistics Department of Indian Ministry of Agriculture DES
Di Ethyl Stilbestrol Chemistry DES
Descend Space Science DES
Data Encryption Standard Computer Networking DES
Data Entry Supervisor Job Title DES
Data Exchange System Space Science DES
Disability Evaluating Service Military and Defence DES

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